Who is Ranger Rick aka Rick Weaver, Viral TikTok Videos, GoFundMe Page

Ranger Rick is one of the latest TikTok personalities to capture the spotlight online with his unique and uncultured way of expressing things. A TikTok user named Zach Collier who goes by the username @zachcollier117 has introduced this guy Rick Weaver who is now popular as Ranger Rick. Get to who is Ranger Rick in detail and the story behind him getting popular on the video-sharing platform.

TikTok has made a lot of common people famous overnight due to their unique talents. Ranger Rick is a No-Frills Construction Worker in Missouri whose way of expressing himself and addressing different situations has made him viral on TikTok these days.

He doesn’t make content by himself it is a guy called Zach Collier who is a co-worker with him at No-Frills Construction shared his videos. He is an entertaining but uncultured uncle who doesn’t follow commands and lacks a filter in his speech.

Who is Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick the TikTok sensation is a construction worker at No-Frills in Missouri. He became famous after appearing in TikTok user @zachcollier117 video in March 2022 in which he talks about his boss in an uncultured way. He says “I f*cking don’t tolerate anyone. I do not let my f*cking father talk to me like that,” he further continued, by adding, “And I hope you are taping me, too. Since I honestly don’t give a fat rat’s a*s.”

Screenshot of Who is Ranger Rick

Ever since Zach started sharing videos featuring Rick, his account has gained a substantial following. Not only does Zach have over 500,000 followers on the platform, but he also receives fan mail intended for Rick, ranging from oranges to a crocheted likeness of the man himself.

Zach has made a GoFundMe page for Ranger Rick intending to help in getting his mom a recliner. Many people already have raised funds and supported this initiative. The GoFundMe page description Zach explained, “Hi my name is Zach Collier and I started making TikTok’s of my co-worker/ friend Rick Weaver AKA Ranger Rick, the money is to help Rick in life and to get his mom a nice recliner!!!”.

Rick Weaver is an old man working with Zach on a construction project in Joplin. Ranger Rick has been frequently spotted smoking, drinking beer, and making obscene gestures in his TikTok videos. While he may not always wear a shirt, he does tend to wear a cap on his head.

Screenshot of Ranger Rick

Zach Collier TikTok Videos of Ranger Rick

Zach has made many videos of Ranger Rick asking him questions about things, playing games, and using other scenarios. The videos of thousands of views and viewers are loving the old man. In one video Zack asks Rick to drink beverages with his eyes closed and guess what it is.

In another video, you can witness the friendly bond between the two men as Zach presents Rick with a box of doughnuts. Rick, being his usual self, jokes that he’ll be having them for lunch. Luckily for Rick, Zach also has lunch covered for him, so he won’t have to worry about it.

Thanks to his co-worker Zach Collier, he has achieved TikTok stardom in a remarkably brief period. Ranger is a straightforward person who doesn’t care what one might think about him and expresses his heart when asked a question. People may call him uncultured but this thing about his personality has made him a TikTok star.

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Bottom Line

Who is Ranger Rick aka Rick Weaver should not be a mystery anymore as we have presented all the details about the viral guy. We are concluding this post now hope you have learned what you came looking for. That’s all you can express your views on it in the comments.

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