Who is Sam Fisher The Pennsylvania Native Reportedly Having a Secret Affair With Zayn Malik As She Exposes the Singer

Sam Fisher has brought the popular pop singer Zayn Malik into the headlines by sharing a video on TikTok showing the interaction between the two where Zayn asks for a threesome multiple times. Sam also claims that she had been in a relationship with Zayn for over 9 months before the breakup. Learn who is Sam Fisher and details regarding the accusations.

Sam Fisher talked about her experience on TikTok showing proof that she was in a close relationship with him for nine months in a “story time” video. She also shared screenshots of their text conversations and posted recent photos of Zayn.

The TikTok personality also accused the pop star of behaving in a misogynistic and troubling way towards women. According to the details provided by Sam, Zayn was interested in having a threesome which never came true because she opted out right after convincing another girl.

Who is Sam Fisher, Age, Bio, Relationship with Zayn Malik

Sam Fisher 33-year-old TikTok user in Pennsylvania, US took to social media to share her relationship experience with Zayn Malik. She posted multiple videos on TikTok talking about Zayn Malik and his desire to have multiple women in bed at once. Sam Fisher and Zayn Malik had an intimate relationship over a period of 9 months as per the revelation made by Sam in the video.

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In one of the posts, she wrote a caption that stated, ” Storytime coming on how I met Zayn Malik through Tinder and the nine months I spent hooking up with him,” and shared many shirtless pictures of Zayn. It’s not clear if Zayn said it was okay for Sam to share these pictures and messages.

In the video, the woman from Pennsylvania said that Zayn Malik discovered her on Tinder and then messaged her on Instagram using his verified account. After sending pictures and having a video call to make sure it was him, they started a s*xual relationship that they both agreed to. Fisher says they were friends with benefits which lasted longer than she thought it would.

She revealed, “At the time I figured it’d probably be a one and done thing, but it continued. Probably longer than it should have”. She then said that Zayn started texting her every week which surprised her and later when she told him about her romance experience with another woman, he showed the desire to have a threesome.

She further continued saying “From that moment, (Zayn) got it in his head that he wanted a threesome. He asked probably 40 different times for a threesome with me and somebody that I chose”. Fisher then told the singer wanted someone else to join them in bed, but he didn’t want to say who he was. When she found someone, she changed her mind for private reasons which made the singer very mad.

Sam Fisher and Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik’s Words in Text Messages Sent to Sam Fisher Spark Outrage Online

The former One Direction member Zayn Malik’s words and the way of talking in the screenshots revealed by Sam Fisher are getting a lot of hate on social media. A lot of people are not happy about it and are accusing of him being insensitive. One Reddit user commented on the story saying “Ain’t no man on earth good looking enough to make me put up with this. his texts are so petulant and passive aggressive-big ick.”

Another user commented “A lot of UK boys talk like this lmao. Even tho he’s been living in America, judging by these texts, he still has the typical UK f-boy persona. Obvs I’m not saying other guys from other countries aren’t like this either, but this specific passive-aggressive tone is very common amongst UK boys”.

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Who is Sam Fisher the woman from Pennsylvania accusing the pop singer Zayn Malik of having an intimate relationship should not be a mystery anymore as we have provided all the details here. Zayn hasn’t responded to accusations yet and many are believing what Sam is saying in her videos.

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