Who Is The Tattoo Artist In Tattoo Gate As She Is Facing Backlash Over Charging Hefty Fee & Design Changes

A tattoo artist has grabbed all the attention of users on the video-sharing platform TikTok for charging an excessive fee for simple sketches. The controversy is referred to as the tattoo gate on the platform. Learn everything about who is the Tattoo Artist in Tattoo Gate and all the details regarding the controversy viral on TikTok.

The tattoo artist named Lindsay Joseph was charging thousands of dollars from customers as revealed on TikTok. She has become a controversial figure on the platform after a TikTok user with the username @running_mom_of_boys shared a video explaining her experience with this particular tattoo artist.

According to the video she posted, she wanted a tattoo of a fox with flowers. She paid $180 for a meeting and another big $1,500 plus tax for a drawing of the idea. But when she received the drawing, she saw that it wasn’t what she had requested.

Who Is The Tattoo Artist In Tattoo Gate – Controversy Explained

Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos in Ontario Canada is the tattoo artist in TikTok’s tattoo gate controversy. She charged many customers hefty fees for drawing simple sketches. Social media users suspect that the artist may be copying drawings and charging excessively high prices for these sketches, based on their comments.

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On TikTok, a user called Courtney Monteith shared several videos in which she explained the whole experience of getting a tattoo with this particular artist. Courtney seems not happy with the experience she had as she says that she didn’t get the tattoo design she wanted and also she was charged a hefty fee for it.  

In the TikTok video, she says “She told me that she had three options for her design fee, the first option was $1,500 plus tax,” which is a concept sketch that you can make one “minor change” to and a final design. The second option is $3,500 plus tax, where you get two concept sketches and a few changes.”

She further says “Obviously, I pick number one because, like, it’s super expensive and she had these pictures, so I was confident she was gonna make me a beautiful piece.” Once Monday rolled around, the TikToker received a concept sketch that was “nothing like what I wanted.”

Talking about it in another video she further explains “She said that if I wanted another sketch, she was gonna charge me the difference between option one and option number two, which is $2,260,” she adds, recalling how she sent the tattoo artist two reference photos of full-bodied foxes. “She said it was my fault that I wasn’t clear that I wanted a full fox.”

Since sharing the videos on May 10th, the first video got more than 4.4 million views, while the other two got around one million views each. Many people have shown their support to Courtney, with thousands of them expressing their encouragement.

What Is Tattoo Gate on TikTok?

After the video went viral, other social media users also shared their experiences and shared Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos reviews which are quite bad. There are many negative comments about this tattoo artist from Canada and people started calling the controversy Tattoo Gate. There is even a hashtag “# tattoogate” on TikTok and there are many videos related to tattoo experiences.

What Is Tattoo Gate on TikTok

Many users show support for Courtney and appreciated that she shared her experience on social media. One user said, “I have like 75% of my body tattooed, from artists like literally all over the US and Canada – never have paid for a consult.”

Another person commented, “Never in my life have I heard anything like this! Wow! First paying for a consult then paying for a design that doesn’t include the tattoo? Wow,”. Courtney was also threatened to sue for defamation for sharing the story on social media as she discussed in one of the videos related to tattoo gate.  

She told the viewers “I had shared my review and people were doing reviews on her shop, bringing the shop down to one star as well. She went and had all of those reviews deleted. I backed down about sharing my story because I was scared but I am sharing my story now so that hopefully no more people get scammed like I did”.

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Surely, you now know who is the Tattoo Artist in Tattoo Gate controversy as we have provided all in information related to the scandal and the views of the customer who had to pay excessive money. That’s all we have for this one so we sign off for now.

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