Who is Tierra Young Allen The American Influencer Detained in Dubai for Screaming in Public

The popular influencer Tierra Young Allen has been detained in Dubai for screaming as she traveled there to enjoy the vacation. She has been charged with screaming in public and there is a chance that she would be jailed for this crime. Get to know who is Tierra Young Allen and how she got into this situation.

Who is Tierra Young Allen

Tierra Young Allen is a famous influencer who lives in Texas and drives trucks. She is well-known on social media as “The Sassy Trucker.” Originally from San Diego, California, Tierra shares her travel experiences and adventures on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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She is 29 years old and went to have a vacation in Dubai in May 2023. Her vacation didn’t go as per plan as her friend’s rental car got involved in an accident. The accident didn’t harm Allen and her friend physically but her personal belongings were withheld.

The vacation went bad to worse on the following day when trying to retrieve her belongings i.e. ID, credit card, and other items from the rental car company. She got into an argument with the rental car agent who according to the influencer’s advocate talked to her in an aggressive manner.

In the heat of the moment, Tierra allegedly screamed and raised her voice at the agent which became the reason behind the detention. If you are a native of any other part of the world you would say it is a normal thing but in the United Arab Emirates, it is an offense that can get you to jail.

Why Tierra Young Allen is Detained by Dubai Law Enforcement Authority

Tierra Young Allen got into an argument with a rude rental car agent and they both started shouting at each other. Because of this, she got in trouble and was charged with a crime for yelling loudly in public. Under the laws of the UAE, this is a crime and the offender can face different charges and even can be jailed.

Allen’s passport has been taken away by authorities and she can’t travel right now because the authorities are investigating her case. Her family thinks that what she did wasn’t a crime and they want her to be treated fairly during the investigation and legal process.

Allen’s family also hopes that their government will intervene and support their efforts to bring her back home safely. In the meantime, they grapple with the challenges posed by the strict legal system in Dubai and the impact it can have on seemingly innocuous actions.

Allen’s family wants their government to step in and help bring her back home safely. But for now, they are struggling with the difficulties of Dubai’s strict legal system and how even small actions can have serious consequences there.

Allen’s Mom Tina Baxter spoke to Fox 26 in which she said “he found out she could only receive those items if she paid an undisclosed amount of money. She dealt with a very aggressive individual, a young man there who was screaming at her”. “It also could result in prison time. So, it’s very scary,” she further added.

Quanell X community activist is standing up for Allen’s rights and has contacted both the Dubai Consulate and the American Consulate in Dubai to seek their help and support.

What Can Happen to Tierra Young Allen In Screaming Offence

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Tierra is accused of the crime of screaming and this can be punished in Dubai. She can face jail time, penalties, and possible deportation if found guilty. Her advocate Quanell X expressed her views and said “She’s in jail for one reason and one reason only, she raised her voice. In this country, a woman is not even allowed to raise her voice. If she raises her voice, it’s punishable by jail time”.

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