Who Is Won Jeong Man The Famous TikToker Charged With S*xual Assault & Rape

The TikTok star Won Jeong Man is in the headlines for the wrong reasons these days as the prominent social media figure is facing s*xuall assault allegations. As per the latest reports, the TikToker has been arrested and is in under investigation. Learn who is Won Jeong Man in detail and all about the s*xual assault charges on him.

Won Jeong Man became really famous on TikTok in South Korea. He’s not a celebrity but he has the most followers among non-celebrity creators. People love his videos, especially the one where he shouts “Mama”. It made him super popular among the TikTok community.

People on social media are talking a lot about Won Jeong getting arrested and the charges he is facing. Fans are really surprised and disappointed after hearing the news. They used to admire Jeong’s TikTok videos and engaging content but now they are not sure what to think because of the accusations against him.

Who is Won Jeong Man Age, Bio, Career, Latest Updates

The latest Won Jeong Man news has shocked everyone who followed him on TikTok and other social media platforms. He is currently in the custody of police and getting investigated for rape charges. According to various reports, he along with another man assaulted a woman when she was unconscious.

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Won Jeong also known as ox_zung is a prominent social media figure in Korea. With an impressive 55.6 million followers on TikTok, he became a star in 2020. He made such a big impact that he even got featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 list. Won Jeong Man’s age is 25 and he was born on November 19, 1996.  

Won Jeong became a social media sensation for his unique lip-sync and singing videos. A funny moment that really boosted his online career was when he playfully turned a lamp on and off, accidentally causing a power outage. This video went viral and made him even more popular. People from all around the world love his engaging videos and humorous content.

Won Jeong started making videos on YouTube as well where he shares different things like vlogs, music performances, and more. Due to his social media presence, his videos on YouTube also got a lot of views, and thousands of viewers subscribed to the channel.

His reputation for being a captivating and positive personality has been jolted big time by the latest s*xual assault case. Many of his admirers have already unfollowed him on TikTok and are questioning the mindset of the star after hearing about the accusations.

Won Jeong Man is Facing S*xual Assault & Rape Charges

SBS News shared that well-known TikToker Won Jeong also known as Mama Boy Ox Zung, was arrested on charges related to sexual assault a few days ago. According to the report, the incident reportedly occurred following a social gathering where the influencer and another man had drinks with a woman.

After the gathering, they brought her to the residence of the other man and s*xually assaulted her as the woman was unconscious. According to the SBS, someone who didn’t want to be named shared a troubling story about Won Jeong and a friend. They are accused of making a female friend drink a lot until she passed out when they all went out for drinks.

On December 12 after the victim reported to the police, Won Jeong and his partner were arrested, and the investigation started. The proof found during the investigation means Won Jeong is going to court. If he’s found guilty, the TikTok star might have to go to prison for up to 7 years. As the legal process goes on, many of his followers are still interested, waiting for the decision and thinking about what it might mean for Won Jeong’s future.

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Those who didn’t know who is Won Jeong Man the South Korean TikTok star facing the rape charges can check all the important details related to the popular TikTok star and the ongoing case on this post. The young social media sensation is facing some serious assault charges and has lost many followers due to these allegations.

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