Who is Yella Yella The Girlfriend of Dennis Roadman, Story Behind the New Viral Face Tattoo

You may be wondering who is Yella Yella after learning that she is the new girlfriend of Dennis Rodman. She is the girl who has made Dennis make a tattoo on his face and it has gone viral on social media. The NBA legend Dennis’s new face tattoo features a portrait of his new partner Yella Yella.

Dennis has some way or another remained in the news for numerous reasons since his playing days. The professional baseball player made a name for himself on the court for his epic performances. The 62-year-old has played for several teams during his career and has won 5 NBA championships.

His life outside the basketball court has been full of controversies which kept him in the limelight after his retirement in 2006. Dennis has been divorced three times as his three previous wives filed for divorce within a few years of the marriage. Hence, everyone is curious about his new girlfriend Yella Yella, and their relationship.

Who is Yella Yella Girlfriend of Dennis Rodman

Yella Yella is an American rapper and Instagram model with a decent following on the platform. She came into the spotlight recently after appearing alongside NBA legend Dennis Rodman as his new girlfriend. Yella is half of the age compared to Dennis Rodman as she looks to be in her mid-thirties but the couple seems happy with each other and pretty open about their relationship.

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Dennis Rodman’s girlfriend identifies herself as a Music Artist, Model, and Songwriter. Embracing the name ‘freak of nature,’ Yella Yella expresses her life motto as “RESPECT Everyone’s Dream YOLO.” She hails from Port Arthur in Texas.

Yella Yella has a YouTube channel called @409yella where she uploads all her videos. You can also find her music on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and more. Yella has been part of songs with titles like A$$ Eater, Freak of Nature, Deep Throat, and Back in Blood. She has collaborated with other artists like Dino and Lil Flip.

Yella Yella & Dennis Roadman Face Tattoo Story

Dennis has been many women in his life but recently he found his new love Yella Yella whom he considers his last dance. The former NBA champion has tattooed his face with her picture as Yella revealed in her Instagram story.

Dennis Rodman’s tattoo has grabbed the attention all over the world with people being curious about the seriousness of the relationship. Talking to TMZ about Yella he told, “This is my last dance with a woman. She’s very lovely. And I thank her for loving me the way I am – and that’s why I did it for her.”

Yella Yella & Dennis Roadman Face Tattoo Story

When asked about Tattoo and whose idea was that, Yella said “I actually told him not to do it. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?”. Yella has been sharing Instagram stories about getting a facial tattoo, even though she doesn’t seem to mind people noticing it and giving her credit for it.

Rodman has stayed strong despite the criticism and confidently states that he is happy with the bold decision of tattooing her picture on his face. Yella called him crazy and wild for doing a such thing. The couple has been seen together watching NBA matching and celebrating events in life.

Dennis Rodman Current Wife & Kids

Dennis is also famous for his unsuccessful marriages as he has been married to three different people over time, but all of them ended in separation within a few years of marriage. Currently, he is not married to anyone.

Dennis Rodman Current Wife & Kids

Dennis’s final marriage happened in 2003 with Michelle Moyer. Even though Moyer initiated divorce proceedings shortly after their wedding, it took until 2012 for the process to be finalized. He has two kids a son and a daughter with Moyer.

Dennis’s second marriage was with actress, model, singer, and media personality, Carmen Electra. After getting married in 1998, the couple separated in 1999. Roadman’s first wife was Annie Blakes with whom he tied the knot in 1992 and a year later they divorced. Annie Blakes was an adult model.

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So, surely you now know who is Yella Yella the new girlfriend of Dennis Roadman for whom the basketball legend got a tattoo on his face. The Instagram model and singer Yella has appeared alongside Dennis in her Instagram stories as the new couple seems to enjoy spending time with each other.

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