Who was Yung Hashtag AKA Michael Burns, Cause Of Date, Bio, Wiki

Michael Burns popularly known as Yung Hashtag is no more and died in a shooting incident at age of 27. Get to know who was Yung Hashtag in detail and the cause of the death that stunned many people who followed this social media star.

The young and energetic TikTok rapper Yung Hashtag was a well-known personality in the TikTok community. Some of his videos posted on the video-sharing platform went viral and made him famous. The news of Yung’s death has shocked everyone and fans are really upset about it.

On Sunday, @jokerswild714 posted about six videos announcing Yung’s death on TikTok. They called the rapper Mikey and said someone with a gun killed him. In the wake of the news, followers have expressed their condolences on his previously shared posts on TikTok and YouTube.

Who was Yung Hashtag

Michael Burns is the real name of Yung Hashtag who was a famous TikToker, YouTuber, and had a decent number of followers on Instagram as well. On TikTok, he has 500,000 followers and more than 12 million likes on his content.

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The rapper is best known for his songs I Hate Hashtag, Make a Move, and Off the Clock, which have generated millions of views on YouTube. He also released an album named #WhoPoppin in 2022. He used to share TikTok videos regularly since 2017.

Michael burns AKA Yung Hashtag was 27 years old and his real birth date was August 17, 1995. He was born and brought up in Los Angeles USA. He had a YouTube channel called ‘Yung Hashtag Mike B Official’ with more than 2.9k subscribers.

Additionally, he had more than 16k followers on Instagram. Yung’s work received a lot of praise from people after he posted his music videos on his YouTube channel. He is known for tracks such as Empty, Realest, Traumatized, Go Hard, and No Worries. Yung released Double Cup, his last music video, one day before he died.

His tragic death is hard to believe moment for his fans and people who knew him. His recent video on YouTube which he posted one day before his death is now flooded with comments. One user said “RIP dear. Taken too soon for what? You didn’t deserve this.” Another one commented, “RIP, sending prayers to your family and friends”.


#stitch with @yunghashtag R.I.P YOUNG HASHTAG YOU WILL BE MISSED BIG HOMIE …WTF IS UP WITH TIKTOK LAND#SAD #yunghashtag #WTF #RIP #foreverremembered #Foryoupage #fypシ #fyp #SinfulFam

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A TikTok user @jahnaforeign who was very close to Young wrote “love you so much, baby. I don’t wanna do life without you.” Another of his fans commented, “R.I.P gone too soon rest up king”. One of his fans wrote an emotional message saying “Damn. 😔 had to come to ur page and sad to see it’s true. rest easy homie,”.

Yung Hashtag Cause of Death

The news of Yung’s demise was reported by another TikToker Kastro who said he doesn’t know the real reasons. This is the message he shared “I just want to be the one to come out and say that [Yung Hashtag] tragically lost his life. I don’t know the details,” adding “If you watch our content we go back and we built a relationship of this app as brothers.” He continued: “He was one of the most humble people, go show his page some love. Show his people that he was cared about”.

Despite plenty of speculation, no concrete information has been released regarding his demise. At this time, no one is sure about the exact cause of death, and the investigation is still ongoing. A few reports suggest that he was killed in a shooting incident.

A TikTok user @jokerswild714 commented about his tragic death saying “Mikey was probably attacked by someone with a gun, but the rapper didn’t back down and fought the person even though he didn’t have a weapon. But this person’s uncle didn’t like that his nephew was beaten up, so he killed Yung Hashtag by shooting him.”

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Who was Yung Hashtag and how did he lose his life at such a young age should not be a mystery anymore as we have presented all the information related to the rapper and his tragic demise. That’s all for this one you can use the comments option to share your thoughts.

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