Why is Boycott Zara Trending on Social Media? Learn Why People are Calling Zara’s Latest Fashion Campaign Vicious

The Spanish giant of fashion Zara is facing a huge backlash over the new promotional campaign. There is a lot of anger in public with people asserting that it glorifies the devastation in Gaza. Here you will find out all the answers to why is Boycott Zara trending on social media and learn the opinions of the public.

The Zara controversial campaign has caused extreme outrage on social media with #boycottzara being the top trend on X formerly known as Twitter. The campaign named Jacket has been criticized for using statues with missing lambs that have been referred to as genocide in Gaza.

People on the internet are urging others to boycott Zara due to criticism of the brand’s latest campaign with claims that it is insensitive to the victims of the Gaza-Hamas conflict. The Palestinian people are hurt watching the advertising campaign and are calling for a boycott of Zara products.

Why is Boycott Zara Trending on Social Media

The Spanish multinational retail clothing brand Zara is getting hate for the latest advertising campaign ‘Jacket’. The major reason behind the outrage is the use of mannequins which appear to missing their limbs and bodies wrapped in white body bags. The social media users are saying the items represent dead from the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

Screenshot of Why is Boycott Zara Trending

The campaign also has things like rocks, debris, and a cardboard cutout that looks like an upside-down map of Palestine. Zara’s official statement about the campaign describes it as “a limited-edition collection from the house celebrating our commitment to craftsmanship and passion for artistic expression”.

There is a picture that seems to be taken down from Zara’s website and social media in the campaign after the criticism. In the photo, McMenamy is wearing a spiky leather jacket and there is a mannequin covered in plastic behind her.

People on the internet criticized the fashion brand for its thoughtless photoshoot during the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The tragedy in Gaza has affected over 17,000 Palestinians including more than 7,000 children.

Nietizens Slammed Zara Campaign Jacket

The latest Zara controversy has made many prominent people promote boycott Zara trend. #boycottzare is among the top trends all around the world on X. Palestinian artist Hazem Harb shared a story on Instagram saying “Using death and destruction as a backdrop for fashion is beyond sinister, its complicity […] should outrage us as consumers. Boycott Zara.”

A user named Alexander Thian tweeted “I am beyond disgusted. Using genocide of the people in Palestine for your campaign? I will never, ever, buy anything from Zara, ever again. This is absolutely cruel, heartless and evil. Mocking more than 20 thousand deaths of Palestinian people for a freaking campaign?? I’m already crazy and angry when I see this.”

Melanie Elturk, who is the CEO of the fashion brand Haute Hijab, shared her thoughts about the campaign, saying “This is sick. What kind of sick, twisted, and sadistic images am I looking at?” Many others also took to X to share their thoughts on the Zara Controversial campaign.

Another well-known person in the fashion world, Samira Atash, who is an entrepreneur and designer, has asked people to stop supporting Zara by boycotting them because of the campaign. He states that “Disgusting editorial campaign by Zara was posted today featuring white shrouded bodies, limbless mannequins, broken concrete, a pine box similar to Muslim coffins, powdery substance some say is like white phosphorus + broken drywall shaped like an upside down Palestine map!”.

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Final Words

Why is Boycott Zara trending on social media should not be an unknown thing now because we have provided all the details of the latest controversial fashion campaign. Zara’s photoshop includes little figures covered in white cloth resembling Muslim burial shrouds, a cardboard cutout that looks somewhat like an upside-down map of Palestine, statues with missing limbs, and more.

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