Amanda the Adventurer Game: Secret Ending and Free PC Download

Hey guys, here we are today with a blood-chilling game for you. Yes, we are talking about Amanda the Adventurer Game which is making rounds on social media across various platforms, including TikTok and Twitter.

Whether you have seen people playing it on your Twitter feed or For You page on your TikTok account and got intrigued by this creepy gameplay and want to explore further about it, you have come to the right place.

So, for you, here we will talk about the Free Play option on your PC and as well as tell you how to download it for your device, be it a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. If you want to know about the APK version for Android, read the article till the end.

What is Amanda the Adventurer Game

Image of Amanda the Adventurer Free

This is a short horror game. Here you will watch and play along with a TV Show for old kids. This is about a little brave girl named Amanda and her only companion which is a sheep named Wooly.

You find them on your attic in a box set of a TV Show from long ago. You cannot recall what particular show it is or who were the characters or even what exactly happens here. Despite all this strangeness, you have a familiar feeling and want to explore anyway.

The title is created for DreadXP Found Footage Jam. A short horror story where you will be watching all the unfolding horror on a VHS tape. These VHS videotapes are found by you in your attic and it is time for you to explore them.

As soon as you put them in the VCR player, you will find out that this is related to a kid’s TV show. The similarities of this show could be matched with the ’90s TV programs that were created for educational purposes.

Amanda the Adventurer Game Free Play

Amanda is a little cheerful girl who will ask you to perform various steps, including asking you some obvious questions. Let us tell you, the wrong answer will not take you anywhere, instead, you will be stuck in the gameplay.

So she will be asking you to find a thing or two on the screen or put in the spelling of a few words. Soon you will start to notice something is off. Play Amanda the Adventurer Free and find out what is the problem.

Let us warn you, it is not for the fainthearted. So brace yourself for a frightening experience as you replace each VHS with the next one in this three-episode-long journey of exploration on your screen.

Amanda the Adventurer PC Experience

Whether you set it up on your Windows PC or Apple Mac, the graphics of the game make sure that you go back in time and experience the feeling of watching a video on old VHS tapes. This itself gives a tint of scary rust to the gameplay.

It will only take you five minutes maximum to go through the complete story. Nevertheless, it will for sure leave a terrifying experience in the back of your mind. This analog horror game that you can play for free on your PC has a secret ending as well.

The developers have done a good job with the gameplay and overall graphics. They have successfully infused a charming look in the TV show with enough amount of creepiness that advocates the inclusion of this title in the horror games.

Image of Amanda the Adventurer Game APK

If you don’t follow the instructions given by Amanda you will see her fury in the incoming commands from her. So, the best way for you is to act according to her command and you will get through it.


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Amanda the Adventurer Secret Ending

Once you complete the three episodes in the game, you will find out that there is something weird about everything that is going on. Though the developers have said they are looking into a sequel of the title, but that is still not enough for those who have had the experience.

So, most of the gamers are asking if there is a secret ending to the overall adventure? Well, there are many theories and from the gameplay itself, it seems like there is an uncanny final order from the little adventurer who is without her companion ‘Wooly’ in the last setting.

She asks you to knock at a door and is followed by a decree which says, “Let me in!”. Well, to unsettle you from your seat, she is at your door and asking you to open the door for her. Remember in the beginning where Wooly wanted to warn you but was suddenly interrupted?

Amanda the Adventurer Game Download

Have you too got interested in playing this game after all the hype shrouding this title? Well, you are not alone. There are many people including us who want this game on our screens.

So, you don’t have to go anywhere else for that, as we will provide it to you for free. The only downside is that, for now, you can play it only on your Windows PC or Apple Mac. Which of course, will give you a great experience.

However, if you are looking for Amanda the Adventurer Game APK, we are really sorry. As we mentioned earlier, it is currently available for the big screens only. For your Android mobile phone or iPhone, you might have to wait a bit.

If the developers feel like the popularity is enough, they will definitely come up with a version for your mobile phone shorty.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy it on your laptop or PC now. For that, you will tap the button below at the end of this article and the download will start automatically.

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Amanda the Adventurer Game is something unique in the gaming field. There are many great names in the horror genre already, but with its simple and short gameplay, this title is for sure worth checking out. Tell us what your experience is after going through Amanda’s adventures.

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  1. Amanda is a victim stuck inside the game and wants to get out she says ”Let me out” in the last bit, But in the title of each tape it says ”Let me out!”.
    In conclusion, she was a victim whose soul was trapped in the children’s TV show.

    Now The Meat Man…when the TV starts to glitch, in one of the pictures in the glitch there is a man who has a huge mouth and looks like he was tortured. And theories are the that, that meat man is the man in the glitching part. And when Wooley and Amanda went to the meat shop there are meat hanging around, right, theories say that those were trapped souls who got chopped up.

    Thank u for reading!


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