Amazon BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz and Answers

You might have heard of Amazon Xiaomi OLED Vision TV Quiz, Amazon Fujitsu Laptop Quiz, and Amazon Ralme Narzo 50 Pro 5G Quiz. Now buzz of the town is Amazon BenQ G550 Projector Quiz. Follow along for all the details and the Quiz answers here.

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Amazon BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz

Imgae of Amazon BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz

This is the latest quiz competition from Amazon that focuses on the promotion of the BenQ GS50 Projector. So if you are a regular user of this application you must be familiar with the ‘Funzone’ feature. Head there now and find out this latest addition to the options.

Through this contest, you can now get a chance to win a fresh out of factory BenQ GV30 Android TV and Amazon Pay Balance cash prizes. As of now, you can join this contest as it will be live for a whole month at least. Starting from the 31st May 2022, you can participate anytime until 30th June 2022.

Once you have actively participated, you will have to wait for the prize, as the lucky person’s name will be announced once the competition is over. If you get lucky to win the Amazon Benq GS50 Projector Quiz contest, it will be delivered to you before August 20th.

As is the norm with such quizzes, you will be asked questions related to Android TV. So here you will have to give the right answer to five questions within a limited time of five seconds for each question. If you want to list your name in the lucky draw, you must answer all the quiz questions correctly.

The best thing is, that Amazon will give out a BenQ GV30 Android TV to two winners. So your chances of winning are doubled. So grab your mobile phone or login into your amazon on your PC. It’s time to test our luck.

How to Play Amazon BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz

This contest can be accessed from the Funzone section of the official app for mobile phones. So if you are wondering whether you would be able to participate and win this time, let me tell you, it is one of the easiest and simplest quiz contests on the platform.

  1. So first you will have to open the official app on your smartphone
  2. Scroll down and head to the Funzone section from the homepage or simply search the term in the search section.
  3. The next step is to enter the Funzone section you will have to find the ‘Games from Brands’ in the menu
  4. Tap on the banner for the BenQ GS50 Projector quiz answers section
  5. Go through the terms and conditions part once to make sure you don’t miss anything.

The BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz Answers

Imgae of BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz Answers

We want you to win this device for sure that is why here we have arranged all the right answers to the questions in this part. Go through the right answers here and you will be good to go when the questions are displayed in front of you later.

Question 1: You can watch movies and your favorite OTT content while traveling cooking or on date night using?

Answer: A portable projector

Question 2: BenQ GS50 gives detailed and crips sound performance through its 20W 2.1 channel speakers.

Answer: True

Question 3: BenQ GS50 comes with an in-built battery with a battery backup of 2.5 hours?

Answer: True

Question 4: BenQ GS50 is a _______ portable projector?

Answer: Full HD

Question 5: BenQ GS50 is equipped with HDR10 for showcasing brilliant detail?

Answer: True

As you can see, the answers to the quiz are very simple and easy to answer. Furthermore, we have made them even easier by giving you the best and easiest answers. Just go to the quiz part and it’s time to put your name on the final list of participants.

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Amazon BenQ GS50 Projector Quiz is one of the easiest and best competitions that you can participate in right now. We have given all the details including the right answers. Now your chance of winning is stronger than before. It is time to try your luck.

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