Antiwordle: Answer Today, Important Details & More

Antiwordle, if you are hearing this name for the first you would be thinking now what is this thing and if you are having such a feeling then no worries as we are here with all the details and information regarding this particular word puzzle game.  

I am sure you all have heard about the famous Wordle and its playing mechanism. Antiwordle is the exact opposite of Wordle where players are not allowed to guess the correct word. Yes, you have heard it right, players have to make sure they don’t guess the correct answer.

It is a Wordle-style web-based online game that instructs players to avoid guessing the hidden word in as many tries as possible. It sounds easy, isn’t it? But no, it is not that easy nor easily solvable so make sure you play with a fresh mind as it has the ability to rack your mind.


For those who are still wondering What is Antiwordle, we are going to present all the important fine points, information, answers for today’s challenge, and method of playing this tricky game. The only similarity between Wordle and this game is that both are word puzzles.

Otherwise, all the rules and way of playing it is different. This is the type of game where win it by losing it. Players are given a daily challenge and they have to provide wrong solutions to complete that challenge.

Once you know what is the hidden word you have to make sure that you don’t enter it. It looks like very bizarre gameplay but when you play it’s very tricky as the rules of the puzzle are not easy to execute.

Here is the list of rules of the puzzle you must follow.

  • If you guess a letter that’s not in the word, it’s grayed out and you can’t use it again.
  • If you guess a letter that is in the word, it turns yellow and you must include it.
  • If you guess a letter in the exact position, it turns red and is locked in place.

This is how you can solve a daily Antiwordle challenge. Note that players must keep going, with as many attempts of a word as they can get, for achieving the goal of placing as many yellow letters as possible.

Antiwordle Answer Today

Here is the list of Antiwordle Answers including the solution to Today’s challenge. Keep visiting our website and bookmark it to know solutions to every Antiwordle 2022 challenge in the future.

  • 20th May 2022 — WHOLE
  • 19th May 2022 — TRIAL
  • 18th May 2022 — WHEEL
  • 17th May 2022 — ALIVE
  • 16th May 2022 — WORLD
  • 15th May 2022 —YOURS
  • 14th May 2022 — FUNNY
  • 13th May 2022 — STRIP
  • 12th May 2022 — QUOTE
  • 11th May 2022 — CHART
  • 10th May 2022 — CIVIL
  • 9th May 2022 — ALBUM
  • 8th May 2022 — DRINK
  • 7th May 2022 — ADAPT
  • 5th May 2022 — REACT
  • 4th May 2022 — YOUNG
  • 3rd May 2022 — TIRED
  • 2nd May 2022 — NOVEL
  • 1st May 2022 — STAFF

This is the list of 100% correct answers in May.  

How to Play Antiwordle

How to Play Antiwordle

In this section, you will learn a step-wise procedure to participate in the fascinating word puzzle game. just follow the listed steps to enjoy playing.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Antiwordle
  2. Here you will see a page, where there are rules of the puzzle and there is a Play option at the bottom click/tap on that and proceed.
  3. Now you will see a five-letter puzzle on the screen so to play you have to submit a word starting from the mentioned letter in the box
  4. After entering a word, you have to guess anti Wordle in unlimited guesses but try to do it in fewer guesses
  5. As per the rules mentioned above try to guess wrong and fill colors in a way instructed in the rules to complete the challenge

In this way, a new player can participate in this game and try to guess Anti Wordle. So, enjoy the experience you will feel a breath of fresh air after playing it after so many straightforward guessing games.

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Final Thoughts

Well, you have learned all the details, important procedures, and information regarding the Antiwordle. That’s all for this post hope you get benefitted from reading it and don’t forget to comment your views related to the article.

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