Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock For MIUI

Agree or not, appearance matters. This adage applies to every field from our life to the gadgets we use on a daily basis. So here we are with the Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock. If you want to know what it is and how to apply it on your phone. Get the answers here.

Among all the androids, Xiaomi is awesome and we don’t have to speak for them. Their gadgets are enough to convince us on their own. Sleek and futuristic designs, premium quality, innovation, and the latest tech at the cheapest prices. There is more than one reason to love whatever comes out with this brand name.

All things apart, what comes at top of the list and makes us fall in love with MI is its MIUI interface which connects us with the hardware. Over time it has been upgraded with more user-friendly and better experience qualities.

But there are even better tweaks for it and here we are with one for you that you can download from the official link provided here.

Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock

Image of Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock

As we mentioned earlier, MI is more about customization and you get a lot of options be it the hardware or the software to change it according to your taste and preferences. The MIUI themes are a case in point that you can change easily, at any time.

So here we are talking about the Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock that you will instantly fall in love with for its looks and design that you can apply on any of your Xiaomi mobile phone devices.

It comes with an out-of-the-ordinary design that we don’t see often in the mobile phone themes. Pleasing to the eye and fully responsive with a style that you can show off as the latest fashion. This Xiaomi theme has a sleek and clean layout that spread across the device from the front interface to inner sub-apps and folders.

What Is Mi Themes Fingerprint Lock?

Image of What is MI Themes Fingerprint Lock

This is a theme for your Android run Xiaomi devices be it Redmi or other. It will change the appearance of your gadget instantly with premium looks, color, and icons all for free. If you want to get a fiery look on the phone with fingerprint animation, this is for you.

Check out the icons that are well placed and of the perfect size that dots the interface giving it a look of an impeccable arrangement. The notification panel is all that you need to see and it will instantly convince you for its clean space with all the detail in perfect tone and emphasis with a new status bar.

Head to the notification panel, and observe the app icons, settings, phone, messages, contacts, volume panel, or file manager. They are all given a similar design and look which gives a premium feel. Yet the best part is, that this theme is completely free for you to use and you can get it on your Xiaomi device now.

It works perfectly on any Xiaomi brand device be it MI or a Redmi that is running MIUI 11 at least. So check it out and give your mobile phone a totally new look. An ideal collage of perfect colors, consistency in design, and premium feature all for free.

How to Apply MI Theme Fingerprint Lock

Here is all the detail that you need to follow step by step to apply MI Theme Fingerprint Lock  = theme using the MIUI Theme Editor.

Step 1

Download the file from the link given above.

Step 2

Download MIUI Theme Editor from Google PlayStore.

Step 3

Open the editor app.

Step 4

Locate the theme that you have downloaded previously from the browse option in the editor.

Step 5

Choose the Start option and go to the next option.

Step 6

Pick or Tap finish.

Step 7

Here a prompt will appear to install the theme tap on it.

Step 8

This will install the theme for you automatically. Check it out by going back to the theme store and you can see the recently installed one. Tap it and apply.

Step 9

Restart, if your phone if you find any glitches for proper installation.

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Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock is an amazing theme for Xiaomi devices using MIUI. You can give your phone a fresh look by downloading it and instantly applying it to the screen. Check it out now.

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