Battleground Mobile India for PC: Guide

PUBG mobile is a dominant force and a world-famous franchise in the gaming world. BGMI is a special PUBG version for India developed by PUBG Studios. Today we focus on and discuss Battleground Mobile India for PC.

Before the ban on PUBG in India, this game was the most played one in the country and BGMI is also a popular household name all across the nation. The gameplays, graphics, maps, and features are all similar to PUBG Mobile.

The only change in the game is that the special servers are made for India otherwise everything is the same. This game is a mobile gaming experience but you can also play it on PCs and enjoy this breathtaking action-packed adventure on bigger screens.

Battleground Mobile India for PC

In this article, we are going to explain how to play Battleground Mobile India on your computers systems and laptops. Furthermore, we are going to analyze how you can install this epic game on PCs and experience the heart-pounding action.

So, you can play this amazing adventure on PC using an emulator. There are a large number of emulators available that provide this service and allow players to experience BGMI on their PCs such as Bluestacks, Gameloop, and Many more.     

Best Emulators to Play Battleground Mobile India on PC

Best Emulators to Play Battleground Mobile India on PC

The emulator is a program that runs apps and games exclusively made for mobile on personal computers and vice versa. There are numerous great names that do this service wonderfully so, here is the list of some of the best ones.


Bluestacks is a very popular emulating program that emulates many android applications and runs them on computer systems. It runs BGMI smoothly and offers a great gaming experience on a larger screen. It asks minimum system requirements like 2Gb Ram which is another fantastic feature.

You just have to install this application on your computer systems, search for BGMI in-app and install it to play.


This emulator for PC is also called “Tencent Gaming Buddy” developed by PUBG developers Tencent. It is one of the top-quality emulation apps available and it is the native emulator of PUBG. It can also be run on a 2GB Ram system.

It also offers extremely stunning graphics that enhance the gaming experience and makes it more thrilling.

LD Player

This is another brilliant emulator if you want to experience BGMI on your computers and laptops. It offers easy key mapping features to set up controls compared to other emulators. It runs the game very smoothly and offers other great features as well.

So, we have listed the best emulation programs to play and enjoy the best thrills of BGMI on your personal computers.

Battleground Mobile India Download for PC

In this section of this article, we are listing the steps to download and install BGMI on your PC. BGMI download for PC can be achieved through emulators you use for playing this game. These emulating apps give their users the option to install apps and games in-app.

How to download

We are listing the steps for emulators we mentioned above.

3 Minutes

Downloading Emulator

First, you have to download one of the emulators mentioned above. Now open the emulating application and wait for a few minutes.

Managing Emulator settings

If you are using Bluestacks then search for BGMI in the search bar and install it. In case you are using Gameloop then the game will already be available in the games list so, you just have to install it from there. Now if you are using LD Player, open its app and search for this adventure in order to install it.

Setting-up Controls

After the installation process is complete, you open the game, set up your favored controls using the emulator’s setting, and start playing one of the best action games ever.  

Note that the Battleground Mobile India download process is achievable and playable in this way and without using emulating programs you cannot play this gaming adventure on your personal computers due to its exclusivity to mobile devices.

Plan the best strategies to win chicken dinners and explore the numerous maps freely available to play in-game. Eliminate your enemies using deadly weapons and fight your opponents in various exciting modes.

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Final Words

Well, this franchise has a massive fanbase in India and some of the best players all around the world are from this country. So, savor the epic thrilling battles on bigger screens by installing Battleground Mobile India for PC.

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