Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number: Full Guide

India is one of the most Covid 19 affected countries that impacted the lives of people and change the way of living life. Now it is essential to have a Covid 19 certifications to travel, work in offices and perform various other activities that’s why we want to guide you about Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number.

The coronavirus travels from one human body to another and it causes diseases such as fever, headaches, and various other extremely harmful diseases. Therefore, Government has made it compulsory for everyone to get vaccinated.

So, the authorities all over India are arranging vaccination processes all across the country to make sure everyone gets vaccinated. But it is easy for everyone to register for this process and acquire certifications using numerous platforms.

Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number

Today, we are here to discuss a vaccine service provider Cowin and its usage. As many people use this platform to get vaccinated and label it as a reliable source. This platform offers vaccinations for numerous health-related issues.

This franchise provides all kinds of data, reports, and information related to coronavirus under the supervision of several government organizations all over India. It also offers certifications for both dozes of coronavirus.

The certificate act as proof of a vaccinated person that is very useful when a person is doing medical examinations. These certifications are mandatory in different fields of life and many traveling places all across the country.

Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number India 2022

In this section of the article, we are going to list the step-by-step procedure of Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number India. In this way, you acquire the certifications as well as get vaccinated.

Note that you will receive this certificate as soon as possible when you take the first dose of vaccination and after taking the second dose you can get the completion certificate with all information about your vaccine.

Certificate Download Guide

Any Indian can download this coronavirus vaccinated verification paper online using mobile, PC, or any device that can run an internet browser. So, here are the steps to download certification that proves you are inoculated.

How to register to download COWIN Certificate?

First, open a web browser and visit the Cowin official website. Now register yourself using your phone number and log in. You will receive an OTP on your mobile via message, enter the OTP and proceed

How to download the Certificate?

Click the Covid 19 vaccination certificate after completing step one, this will direct you to the certificate. It will be available with all details of the doses and number doses you have taken. Now just tap/click the download button to acquire your certificate in document form and print it if you need a hard copy

Finding Official Website

By following previous steps you can easily download the Cowin Covid 19 certificate India. In case you are having trouble finding the official website write this in the internet browser and search for it.

There are various other platforms that offer this service including Aarogya, Umang, and numerous more. Cowin is also available in the app version for both Android and iOS users. You can use this app to simply download the certifications directly on mobile phones.

The application is called “” and it is available on the Google play store and apple store. If you are facing trouble downloading from the official website then this app is a great alternative. This app comes with some amazing features listed below Features

Eka Care App
Eka Care App
  • A free and easy to use application
  • It provides a vault to store certifications for future use
  • You can access this certification without any internet as well
  • Certification for both doses are available to download and store

The method of downloading is similar to what we have mentioned above, users have to log in with a mobile number and register using OTP the app sends. This is a very favorable option if you want to carry it on your mobile and use it whenever needed.

It is an important responsibility of every citizen of India to get vaccinated and protect themselves from this deadly virus that has affected many lives. The government of India has made it a mandatory process for every person who is 18+.

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Well, Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number is an easy and very simple process to get your hands on the certification that proves you have taken the coronavirus vaccine.

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