New and Working Codes for Clicker Simulator 2022

Clicker games are very famous among gamers in general. This is due to simple mechanics and an immersive gameplay. So today here we are with new codes for Clicker Simulator 2022 that are working, all free for you.

Among many similar titles, this name has been making a decent fan base recently and they are giving out cheats officially to surprise and gift the regular players as well as to warmly welcome newcomers.

The platform is garnering more and more enthusiasts and the numbers are only increasing. If you too are a fan of this game, you would not like to miss these surprise codes to avail awesome goodies and boosts for free. We can tell you, you have come to the right place for that.

What is Roblox Clicker Simulator

The game, as it is obvious from the name, is a clicking game. Developed by Pressure Studios, a developer with awesome titles on their list, have brought it for you on Roblox. You can enjoy it by joining today.

Before mentioning the latest codes for Clicker Simulator 2022 let’s find out what this title is about and what you can do here.

Image of New Clicker Simulator Codes

With the 4.5 update in the game, you can now access 20M visits event egg, nine new limited-time pets, new tokens that can be traded on the platform to get passes, boosts, and other items.

Here you will see a mysterious portal as well, check out what it has for you. Get a new reward for eggs and button clicks, access the new ‘Auto Pet Merger’ game pass, view existing amount and exclusive pets in the index

These gems let you upgrade your character even to better and improved levels. So this will help you reach the top of the leaderboard, all by clicking. But this is not the only way, for you to climb up the ladder of competition.

How to Play the Game

The mechanics of the game are simple. Here you will be tapping, clicking, or auto-tapping to get more and more possible clicks. The more of them you have, the better it is for you. As you can do a lot while taking leverage of this figure.

Such you can hatch, collect and trade pets that are legendary if not beyond that. Use rebirth to get gems and a clicks multiplier, buy buttons, and rebirth pets to move ahead in the gameplay. 

Unlock more and more double jumps in order to discover more and more islands high above your current land. Do all this perfectly and reach the top of the leaderboard. 

Codes for Clicker Simulator 2022

The developers regularly dole out freebies. These come out as Clicker Simulator Codes. These, then you can use to enhance your performance and equip yourself with more eggs, boosts, and other options.

So here we are with the latest and working codes that you can use on the platform now. This means you can redeem these codes for a number of things. If you want to know what they are. We will list them for you down here.

Using them you can sometimes get auto-rewards, increase the ability to accumulate many more clicks, unlock luck, get free auto hatch in numbers as well as in time. 

The only thing to remember is that you have to use them at the earliest otherwise they will be expired and will be no more useful for you. So here are the latest working and new Clicker Simulator Codes.

  • 50Klikes –redeem free rewards
  • 30Klikes – get two hours of 2x luck boost
  • UPDATE4HYPE –one hour 2x luck boost
  • 20Klikes –get three hours of auto hatch
  • 10Klikes –get 2x click boost for one hour
  • 2022 –unlock 2022 champion pet
  • freeautohatch –free auto hatch

The next latest code will be released when the developers get 75 thousand likes on Roblox. Don’t forget to visit us in future to avail that one too, as soon as it is released. Moreover you can also check Roblox Reaper 2 Codes and Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes as well.

How to Redeem Codes on Roblox Clicker Simulator

If you haven’t done it before, the process is very simple and you just have to perform the steps given here in sequence.

  1. Open Game

    Open the game on your device.

  2. Menu Icon

    Press the Menu icon

  3. Find Twitter Icon

    Find and tap on the Twitter icon in the Menu.

  4. Enter Code

    Enter the new code into the code redemption box.

  5. Redeem

    Press the Confirm button and enjoy free in-game rewards or boosts now.


These are not the full and final codes for Clicker Simulator 2022. The developers release new ones now and then. All you need to do is to keep visiting us, so that you can avail these and get interesting rewards for free.

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