Jaco Swart Wife Assaulted: Full Story

Jace Swart Wife Nicoleen Swart is one of the latest victims of a brutal assault committed by her husband Jaco Swart. The court has decided to punish him with a fine of R20 000 and also a three-year suspended sentence. Nicoleen and gender-based social activists are not happy with the decision.

The video of Jaco Swart brutally attacking his wife at their shop has left the people of South Africa stunned. The incident happened in 2018 when they were at their shop and a Gauteng-based business owner was caught attacking her.

Just before he was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine there were reports that the convicted woman basher Jaco reportedly beat another woman days before he was sentenced at the Pretoria North Regional Court for assaulting his wife.

Jaco Swart Wife

Nicoleen seemed very unhappy with the decision of the court and in her response to TimesLive, she stated that the court gave her estranged husband a “slap on the wrist”. The case begins with Barry Bateman of AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit sharing the heartbreaking video of Jaco Swart brutally beating Nicoleen.

In the video, it is clearly seen that he is kicking, punching, shoving, and karate-style kicking his wife. Barry posted a couple of videos on Twitter of merciless assault that went viral and people start asking for justice for his wife.

Jaco Swart Video of hitting his estranged wife rambled around various social media networks. After the court decision, many are not pleased with the decision and say that only three years and a small fine are not enough for these types of violent incidents to be stopped.

Lebogang Ramafoko, the executive director of the social justice organization Oxfam stated the regarding decision in an interview “When you see many women who do not report any cases of violence this is exactly what they are afraid of, there are sadly so many stories where the criminal justice system, the courts are really not taking this issue seriously”.

Who Is Nicoleen Swart?

If you are wondering Who Is Jaco Swart Wife? Her name is Nicoleen Swart she is the victim of Jaco’s inhumane assault. Both used to run a car dealership company and the incident happened at the shop. It is caught by CCTV cameras that help her bring her husband to justice.  

Many have admired her bravery to go to court and file a case against him. Nicoleen told IOL that she said believed the sentence could have been more severe if the court had seen a video in which Swart was captured assaulting her.

Who Is Nicoleen Swart?

In an interview with TimesLive, she discussed the relationship with Jaco and the viral video of him beating her. She stated, “I just felt like a zombie…Just going with the flow, going with the hits, just praying that I will make the day through”.

She further disclosed the story of her husband threatening her to take her life “The last two days were hectic because he threatened me with my life. He explained to me in detail how he wants to do it and how he hates me and then the day when he wanted to get me back in that office, I was just fearing for my life and I thought I need to get out of there”.

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Final Thoughts

Jaco Swart Wife story is yet another one in which the criminal got away with a very little sentence for his vicious actions. If you want to stop these kinds of crimes then the courts must increase the penalty and punishment for the assaulters.  

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