Jailbreak Codes April 2024 – Claim Cash & Other Useful Rewards

Are you looking for the Jailbreak codes that work? Well, you have come on the right in search of them because our collection of functional codes for Jailbreak will definitely give you some handy rewards. Stickers, different cash rewards, and many other items are redeemable using them.  

Jailbreak is an amazing Roblox experience in which the player is either an intelligent robber or on a mission to catch robbers. It is very famous among Roblox users and since its release in January 2017, it has been one of the most-played games on the platform with over 6.7 billion visits.

The game involves choosing a path for yourselves as you can be the officer who catches the robbers or the criminal who orchestrates a robbery. If you choose to be a prisoner, your task will be to escape the jail. On the other hand, if you choose to be a cop, your objective is to get rid of criminals and lock them inside the jail.

Roblox Jailbreak Codes Wiki

We will present all information related to the new and working Jailbreak codes which include the details about freebies on offer. Also, we will tell you about the redeeming process a player needs to execute to unlock free stuff available with each code.

Planning a robbery is hard and catching bad guys can be dangerous in this Roblox game. The freebies could make your in-game life easier by providing the goods you to execute your plans. With free resources like cash, players can acquire the best equipment and upgrade the old ones.

These codes are a combination of letters and numbers arranged in a specific order. To claim the rewards without paying, players only need to enter the code exactly as instructed by the game maker in the designated textbox. The developer creates codes and distributes them via social media accounts from time to time.

Lots of Roblox users love getting free stuff as the freebies can help them immensely, so they search codes everywhere online to find them. But you don’t have to look elsewhere because our website has all the latest codes for this game and other Roblox games. Just visit the webpage and bookmark it not miss out on any of these freebies.

Roblox Jailbreak Codes 2024 April

Here is the list containing all the Jailbreak codes ATM that work with info about the rewards.

Active Codes List

  • YoutubeHelloItsVG – HelloItsVG Tire Sticker
  • YoutubeNoobFreak – NoobFreak Tire Sticker
  • hammerhead – 12K cash
  • Spring24 – 10,000K Cash

Expired Codes List

  • Winter23 – 12K cash
  • 5days23 – 10K cash
  • wildest – 10K cash
  • sep23 – 10K cash
  • July2023 – 10k cash
  • Summer23 – 10k cash
  • dreamhome – 10k cash
  • Birthday6 – 12.5k cash
  • crewcode3 – unlock crew battles
  • spring23 – 12.5K cash
  • Winter22 – 12K cash
  • ceocrit
  • AsimosMansionInvite
  • 5Days2022 – 12K cash
  • Thesafeupdate1
  • Thesafeupdate2
  • fivemillionlikes – Redeem for 15k cash
  • NPC
  • hyperchrome – Redeem for 10k cash
  • Season10 – Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • privatejet – Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • TOW – 10,000 cash
  • museum – 5,000 cash
  • WinterUpdate2021 – 5,000 cash
  • fall2021 – 5,000 cash
  • memes – 5,000 cash
  • summervibes – 7500 cash
  • SOLIDGOLDWOOO – 5,000 cash
  • 4years – 10,000 cash
  • march2021 – 5,000 cash
  • doggo – 7,500 cash
  • Winter – 5,000 cash
  • FALL2020 – 5,000 cash
  • MOLTEN – 10,000 cash
  • Balance – 6,000 cash
  • 5Days – 7,500 cash
  • cargo – 7,500 cash
  • countdown – 5,000 cash
  • onehour – 25,000 cash
  • stayhealthy – 5,000 cash
  • minimustang – 10,000 cash
  • feb2020 – 10,000 cash

How to Redeem Codes in Jailbreak Roblox

How to Redeem Codes in Jailbreak Roblox

Follow these steps to redeem the rewards through codes!

Step 1

Launch Roblox Jailbreak on your device.

Step 2

Once it loads up, now you have to find an ATM. There are many of them around but your safest choice is the one at the train station. Note the ATM is like a cash machine with a blue screen that shows a Twitter bird symbol.

Step 3

Head near the ATM and a redeem box will appear on the screen where you need to enter the code.

Step 4

Once you enter or copy-paste a working code, click/tap the Redeem button to claim the rewards.

Remember codes only work for a limited time before they become invalid. Once a certain number of people have used a code, it can’t be used again. Make sure to redeem them quickly to get all the free stuff before they expire.

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Who wouldn’t want special items that can completely enhance their gameplay? That’s exactly what you will get after redeeming the functional Jailbreak Codes 2024. Just go near the ATM in-game and provide the code to get the goodies.

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