Krista London TikTok Drama Controversy Full Story, TikTok Video, Reactions

Krista London is a discussion point on social media because of the TikTok video she shared a few days ago. The video has made a lot of people angry and has created controversy. Get to know what is Krista London TikTok Drama Controversy in detail and who is Krista London in this post.

The video-sharing platform TikTok is known for creating trends and controversies that light up social media. Once a video goes viral everybody jumps in and shares what they think about it. A similar thing happened when Krista London posted a video in which she described an experience of explaining social media to her friend.

She deleted the video later but it has become a talking point since and many have shared the video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms. Krista also apologized in a new video she posted on TikTok and suggested that people are making a controversy out of nothing.

Krista London TikTok Drama Controversy Explained

The TikTok video in which Krista London told the story of teaching social media to her buddy was posted a few days ago. After watching the content, users started to argue that she is making fun of her friend and people who don’t understand how to use social media.

Although Krista deleted her TikTok after seeing the reaction to it, an unrelated stranger created a stitch and posted it on their own TikTok account. The video shared by other TikTok user went viral and rapidly turned into controversy everyone is talking about.

In the video, Krista shared “I’ve got a story, and she’s gonna be so mad,” as she cackled. She jokingly compares teaching her friend how to master the ways of modern technology to teaching one’s grandma. So far, not insulting. “I’m kidding,” Krista exclaimed, “I had a great time.” Just you wait.”

In her story, she used a reference to teaching social media to an old woman to ensure her audience understood. Many people found the video relatable at first as they spoke of the experience being relatable.

However, the situation turned upside down after a family member of her friend responded to the video and called Krista out for posting it. Others then began to draw conclusions and criticized Krista for making fun of her friend.

In response, she deleted the video and released a new one explaining the situation. Krista apologized and told the audience she was sorry for what she did. Her request to the users was to refrain from posting negative comments and to stop picking on them.

In the video, she said “Yesterday I shared a TikTok that I firmly believe was funny and would be reciprocated back the same way and it most definitely was not. It is very very clear that I embarrassed her, I offended her, and this is 100% on me.”

She continued saying “I am begging everyone to please stop picking at them. Take your anger out on me. I have sent apologies. I hate that something I did caused a situation like this to ruin relationships. Many lessons were learned here. I am begging everyone to stop attacking them. Anything hateful towards them needs to stop. They have the right to feel upset and they have the right to their feelings.”

Who is Krista London

While Krista London’s TikTok drama controversy brought her to the spotlight, she always had a large following and viewership before that. The digital marketing professional Krista London has more than 500k followers on TikTok.

On this platform, she regularly posts videos in which she interacts directly with people about a wide range of topics. Krista already said sorry for sharing the controversial video and asked platform users to stop sharing it to create bigger drama.

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We have explained the Krista London TikTok drama controversy and why the TikTok star is in the headlines these days. That concludes this post do share your thoughts on it in the comments, for now, we sign off.

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