Mona Kizz Porta Potty: Death Reasons, Latest News & More

You may have seen a video from Dubai on social media in which a young girl is jumping from Al Fahad Hotel. After the incident happened the girl went viral on various social media platforms like Twitter & others. Here we will present all the details related to that incident and Mona Kizz Porta Potty.

There are some disturbing things happening in the world for money and females from poorer countries doing very insane activities to earn money. This is also a case where young girls and models are given money for doing sensual activities.

Activities that some people will not imagine and believe when they hear about them. This is the reason why Mona Kizz attempted suicide and was found dead after committing it. The video of her jumping from a hotel is also trending topic in the last few days.

Mona Kizz Porta Potty

In this post, we are going to provide all the details, the newest news, and the Reasons Behind Mona Kizz Death. This shocking incident happened last Sunday and many sources claim the reason was the viral video from Dubai Porta Potty.

Some disgusting things are committed by a human for the sake of money and luxuries like selling themselves and allowing other people to do what they want. Such as the case here of Mona Kizz as she allowed a lot of men to do whatever they want.

The harassment issues in the world are increasing but, in this case, the girls willingly agree to do such things for money. Both males and females involved in these shameful activities should be investigated and given punishment by authorities.

In this Porta Potty, many girls, models, and Instagram influencers are involved as they are imported from numerous countries to pleasure men. Men are allowed to do anything such as peeing on their faces as well as put waste on their faces things you normally do in the toilet.

Who is Mona Kizz?

Who is Mona Kizz

Mona Kizz was a 24 years old girl influencer who killed herself jumping from a hotel in Dubai. She was of the pathetic Porta Potty held recently. She was a Ugandan model and her real name is Karungi Monic. She went viral on social media after committing suicide.

The main reason told by sources is that she was facing a hard time after the Porta Potty video went trending on global platforms like Twitter. She was seen doing disturbing stuff at that party and people went crazy after watching it.

The people blasted both men and women who were part of that party on various social media platforms. People passed comments like nowadays girls do bad and inhumane things for money and men use them as a piece of shit.  

Maybe these comments and bashing triggered her mind to commit suicide. Her death has raised a lot of questions in the minds of many people including other girls part of that party and it has been a viral talking point on social media since her death.

What Is Dubai Porta Potty?

What Is Dubai Porta Potty

Here you get to know about this sick party where men do all the wrong things to women who are willing to offer it for the sake of luxurious life and cash. Women of all ages from all over the world including models, influencers, and others are given money by arrangers for taking part in this party.

Men are allowed to do whatever to fulfill their fantasies and females involved do everything to satisfy men. Male participants can put anything in the mouth of women from sensual toys to shit. They can use their bodies in every way to satisfy themselves.

Some of the scandalous videos which went viral on Twitter were very pathetic therefore people from all across the world bashed all the people involved in this party. It has taken a life of 24 years old girl which most shocking news related to this matter.

This is the Mona Kizz Porta Potty story everybody talking about on social media and expressing their feelings on this particular party and the girl who killed herself due to the Porta Potty video scandal.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have provided all the latest information and details related to one of the most talked topics around Mona Kizz Porta Potty. You have also learned the reasons behind her shocking death.

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