What Is MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool, How To Use It, Useful Details

Another image filter technology is in the limelight on the video-sharing platform TikTok and users are loving the effects it’s generating. Today we will discuss what is MyHeritage AI time machine tool and how to use this featureful AI tool.

It has become a trend to use this technology on TikTok and as per reports, the trend has accumulated over 30 million views. We have seen many filters and image-editing technologies go viral on this platform recently such as Invisible Body Filter, Voice Changer Filter, etc.

Now MyHeritage AI Time Machine is the one making the talk about it. Basically, MyHeritage is a genealogy site that dropped this free tool, which is now being used for the recent trend. While many users already utilize this tool, those who don’t know how can gain a lot of knowledge from this post.

What Is MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool

The My Heritage AI time machine filter is available on the website of MyHeritage company. It is free to use AI tool developed by this company. According to the statement on the website, the company has generated 4.6 million themes with 44 million images, while a total of three million images have been downloaded for sharing at this time.

Screenshot of MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool

The tool can transform a user into a historical figure and its results after altering the images are loved by the users. As per the description mentioned on the website regarding the tool “the time machine takes real photos of you and transforms them into “stunning, hyper-realistic images depicting that person featured in a variety of themes from across the globe.”

The company also stated “Using AI Time Machine, you can see yourself as an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, a 19th-century lord or lady, an astronaut, and much more, in just a few clicks!” So, it could help be anything from the past.

It is available for free for a limited number of times once the limit is over users have to pay a sum or have to wait for a certain time before they can use it again. The time machine tool will ask you to upload around 10 to 25 images of yourselves to regenerate them as historical figures’ pictures with different contexts.

How to Use MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool

How to Use MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool

Using this tool is quite simple as it is user-friendly technology. If you never utilize it before just follow the instructions given below. Remember it requires a stable internet connection otherwise the generating process may not get fully completed.

  1. First of all, open a web browser on your mobile or PC and visit the MyHeritage website
  2. On the homepage, you will see a “Try It Now For Free” option click/tap on that option
  3. Then upload a collection of your photos you want to convert into vintage ones resembling the historical figures
  4. Just upload them in the manner recommended in the instructions given on the page
  5. At last, wait for the tool to convert and generate them. Once the process is done download them for future use

MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool – Reactions & Feedback

This AI technology is loved by those who used it and the majority of them have positive feedback regarding its result. A user named Lauren Taylor shared her pics generated by this tool with the caption “did the AI Time Machine and 100% do not regret it.”

Another Twitter user Ashley Whitmore used this tool and was amazed by the result she posted pictures with the caption My Heritage AI Time Machine “1930’s Movie Star”. On TikTok, the hashtag #AITimeMachine has gained more than 30 million views and the hashtag #MyHeritageTimeMachine managed to receive more than 10 million views.

After witnessing the trend going viral, the MyHeritage company released a statement that says “We’ve enjoyed getting all of your great feedback and have been working around the clock to make AI Time Machine even better.”

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It seems that MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool is becoming the new favorite image-altering tool on TikTok and other social media platforms. We have given you all the details about this new trend and explained how to use it. That’s all for this article. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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