NREGA Job Card List 2021-22: Detailed Guide

Mahatma Gandhi Nation Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (MGNREGA) is a regulation that provides job cards to people under the poverty line. Here we are going to explain and provide details about NREGA Job Card List 2021-22.

MGNREGA is an Indian Labor Law and a security measure whose objective is to guarantee the right of work. The main goal of this act is to increase livelihood security and job cards in rural areas all across India.  

This law was passed in August 2005 under the UPA government and since then it is implemented in 625 districts all over India. Many poor families are benefitted from this service and are supported through job cards.

NREGA Job Card List 2021-22

In this article, we offer all the details of the NREGA Job Card List 2021-22 and discuss what’s new on offer and give you the links to information about Job Cards Listing. Many families wait for these listings and apply for this service every financial year.

Here you will get the State-wise NREGA Job Card List link so that you access all the details and requirements easily. All the applicants who applied for this service can access these details by visiting this link

This service is available online, all the candidates can check the list by searching for their name in the official list on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act website. It gives at least 100 days of wage employment in the financial year to one member of the family.

One member from every household who are capable of manual work can apply for this employment card. The women are guaranteed to get one-third of these employment cards according to the MGNREGA regulation.

NREGA.NIC.IN 2021-22 List Up

The NREGA job cards are available on the official website and every citizen from all over India can simply access them by visiting the web page. Every new financial year the collection of posts is updated and new people are added every year.

Any adult member of the family interested in unskilled employment in MGNREGA can apply for this service and support their families. The registration of a member is valid for up to five years and they can renew their registration as well.

The members can check the list made by the government by providing the official details and credentials listed in the application. If any candidate is having problems finding their names and the particular lists of your area then the procedure is given below.

How to Check MGNREGA Job Card List Online?

How to Check MGNREGA Job Card List Online

To check the names in the new listing for season 2021-2022, just follow the step-by-step procedure given below. Note that you have to select the right details in order to access them quickly and also acquire the document.

Step 1

Firstly, Visit the official website using this link

Step 2

On this webpage, you will see many options in the Menu now click/tap the Job Cards option and proceed. This option is available Transparency and Accountability section on the home page.

Step 3

Now you will see a webpage where the list is available. The listing will be sorted State-wise and for all the rural areas of these states under this act.

Step 4

Select the state you are from and it will direct you to a new page.

Step 5

Now on this webpage, you have to provide the required details such as Financial year, your District, your Block, and your Panchayat. After you provide all information just click/tap the proceed option.

Step 6

Now you will see various listings of your district region and Panchayat. Click/Tap on the option according to your region and panchayat.

Step 7

Here you will see your job card and its details that include the duration of the employment, work, and fixed period of the employment you will get.

In this way, a candidate can access and view his job card offered by MGNREGA. In case you are facing troubles searching for your particular state than open a web browser and search for it like this.

  • West Bengal 2021

After searching for it like this, just click the option on the top of the browser which will direct you to the specific state webpage. Now you can easily carry on by clicking on your particular district.

The registration process is also simple and you can simply apply online and offline if you don’t have the required knowledge to apply online. This is a great initiative was taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2005 and governments after his has enhanced this program to support more poor families.

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Well, NREGA Job Card List 2021-22 has been published on the official website of MGNREGA. Therefore, we have provided all the essential details in this post. Hope you will find this post helpful and useful in many ways.

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