Reels Bonus Disappeared Why: Important Details, Reasons & Solution

Are you one of those who encounter a problem on Instagram where many users Reels Bonus Disappeared? Yes, then you are in the right spot to know the solution for it as we are going to explain how to remove this error.

This is an issue been faced by a lot of Instagram earners recently and are looking for solutions. Many users earn on Instagram by making content for their followers. Earning money on Instagram requires a certain number of followers, likes, comments, and watch time.

Recently with the inclusion of the reels option on Instagram, the developer also added the reels bonus that is given to the users who fulfill the requirements needed to earn. Many Insta content creators are earning the bonus available by making reels.

Reels Bonus Disappeared

You may have noticed a lot of discussion on this issue on several social networking platforms like Twitter, Reddit, etc. Everyone seems to be confused about the occurrence of this problem but don’t worry we present the method to fix the issue.

Instagram has set rules for acquiring reel bonus and you can check the status of whether you are eligible or not for monetization by visiting the professional dashboard. The reel bonus is only available on business accounts or creator accounts.

The reason why Instagram became famous is that it has the option of earning money without any exceptional requirements like some other social networks. Users have to follow some rules and achieve the minimum criteria to start earning from their posts and reels.

How to Earn Reel Bonus

Instagram Reels Bonus

In this section, you will learn the way to earn and receive a Reel Bonus from Instagram. It is a programme in which a user can earn money directly from Instagram. Just keep in mind it is available in business or in a creator account. Just follow the listed steps below to earn using this particular feature of Instagram.

  • Once the Reels Play bonus becomes available to users, users will need to get started before the eligibility expires. The date at which it expires can be identified when you access the bonus in the Instagram app.
  • Once you get started, you have 30 days to earn the bonus.
  • During this time, users may choose as many reels as they’d like to count towards their bonus earnings.
  • User will earn money based on the performance of your reel. The amount you earn per play may not always stay constant. For example, you may earn more per play as you’re getting started and less over time.
  • The requirements and the details of each bonus programme may vary by participant. You’ll be able find this information when you onboard to each bonus programme.
  • Just remember If you permanently delete a reel, you may not get credit for the plays that reel received.
  • User must select Reels Play bonus from the Bonuses page before sharing your reel. If you forget, you can go back and make that selection for up to 24 hours.
  • The one exception to the 24-hour rule is on the last day of every month. As we pay out earnings on a monthly basis, you need to apply a reel towards the Reels Play bonus payout in the same month that you create the reel. The month-end deadline is 00:00 PT (regardless of your timezone). For example, if you create a reel at 22:00 PT on 31 July, you have until 00:00 PT on 1 August (i.e. two hours later) to apply the reel towards your Reels Play bonus payout. This differs from any other day of the month, when you would have until 22:00 on 1 August.
  • Note that Branded content is currently ineligible for bonuses.

How to Fix Reels Bonus Disappeared

How to Fix Reels Bonus Disappeared

Here we will present a step-by-step procedure for removing this Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared problem on Instagram. But before that, you will have to make sure these three things do not happen in order to acquire this particular bonus programme.

  1. User reel cannot be claimed by a rights holder.
  2. User can get up to two reel violations and then the third strike will result in a 30-day cooldown.
  3. In case you win an appeal, we will have monetisable plays from that win decision onwards. If the decision comes after the deal has expired, we will not count those monetisable plays.

Now repeat these steps to get rid of the bonuses disappearing issue.

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Now go to your profile at the top you will see the Professional Dashboard option tap on that and proceed.
  3. Here scroll down the page and find the Bonuses option then tap on that
  4. When you tap that option, you will be directed to a page where you will see whether you are eligible or not for getting the bonus and details of the bonus amount
  5. Now click on the eligible option available on the screen to check more details
  6. Here you will find the answer to why My Reels Bonus Disappeared either it will be due to a violation of the rules or any copyright claim
  7. Finally, submit your appeal to Instagram and wait for some time until they get it resolved. Once it is resolved you will witness you are eligible for monetization message at the top of the screen

This is how you can get rid of this particular issue and continue earning the Reel Bonus. Remember that the reason for the disappearance is the violence of rules and regulations set for this programme and whenever you face it do check the eligibility menu in the Professional Dashboard.

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Well, we have provided all the details, information, causes, and procedures regarding the Reels Bonus Disappeared trouble faced by the earners. Hope you will get benefitted in many ways from reading the post for now we say goodbye.

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