What is TikTok Wrapped 2023, How to Get Your Wrapped Stats for TikTok in 2023

It’s the time of the year when everyone is interested in making the yearly highlights of their favorite daily-use applications. The trend started by Spotify Wrapped is now viral across many platforms and users are creating their yearly stats. Here you will learn what is TikTok Wrapped 2023 and get to know how to use it.

Spotify was one of the first apps to make a yearly wrap which shows users a summary of their listening habits from the past year. After this became popular, other apps like Instagram, Reddit, and Apple Music also added similar features letting users see their yearly highlights on those platforms too. TikTok doesn’t have an official wrapping feature in the app rather you have to use a third-party application.

The third-party platform is developed by Bennett Hollstein and the users have to visit its website to acquire the service. The tool is created to turn your data into a TikTok Wrapped-like experience. As per the developer, the tool is a safe personal space to explore their TikTok habits.

What is TikTok Wrapped 2023

There isn’t an official TikTok Wrapped 2023 feature available within the official app but it used to have one back in 2021 which is not available anymore. Yet, you can still obtain your TikTok Wrap using a third-party website. The website requires your account details to make your yearly stats and provides a safe experience.

The platform gives you a summary that allows users to see their activity on the app over the course of the year. The feature consolidates all your usage statistics from the past year in one place to provide an information overload. Most of the users are impressed with this feature and are sharing the results provided by this third-party website. If you are also interested in making the yearly recap, just stay with us to learn how to get your TikTok Wrapped 2023.

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How to Get TikTok Wrapped 2023

Here we will explain the way to create your TikTok wrap stats in 2023. As we mentioned earlier, the users have to use the TikTok Wrapped website developed by Bennett Hollstein. Bennett Hollstein reassured users that their TikTok data is exclusively processed within their browsers and is never stored or processed on external servers.

How to Get TikTok Wrapped 2023
  • First, open the TikTok app and go to the Privacy and Settings tab
  • Start by logging into your TikTok account. Go to the Privacy and Settings section. Click on ‘Account,’ and you’ll see an option to download your TikTok data.
  • Choose the JSON version to get a complete look at all your TikTok activity.
  • Now download your data. Ask TikTok to give you your data. After they process your request, you’ll get a bunch of documents with lots of info about how you use TikTok.
  • Then visit the TikTok Wrapped 2023 website. This platform makes your basic data look amazing and lets you interact with it showing your TikTok journey in a fun way.
  • Now submit the needed documents. Put the papers you got from TikTok onto the Wrapped for TikTok website.
  • Wait for a few minutes as the website needs time to transform your data into great-looking yearly highlights
  • Once done, you can check out all your TikTok numbers and find out how your year was on TikTok.

Details Given by TikTok Wrapped 2023

Here are the stats provided by the Wrapped for TikTok!

  • The overall count of videos viewed.
  • The total duration spent watching videos.
  • Count of times you’ve watched videos.
  • The average amount of time spent on TikTok.
  • The day of the week you enjoy watching TikTok the most.
  • The emoji you’re most inclined to use.
  • Count of likes you’ve given.

It is still a third-party tool and some users are questioning whether is it safe to use. Answering this question, the developer Bennett Hollstein says “Your TikTok data is only used in your browser and never uploaded to any server. We will not store or process your data on our server in any way”.

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Surely, you now have learned what is TikTok Wrapped 2023 and how to use the application as we have provided all the information related to it in this guide. Wrapping your yearly stats has become a viral activity these days and the TikTok users are also joining the trend using this third-party app.

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