TWD All Stars Codes September 2022 – Acquire Useful Rewards

We got you the latest TWD All Stars Codes that can get you some of the finest in-game goodies such as Gold Bar, Alignment Recruit Ticket, and much more. We will also discuss the procedure of getting redemptions in detail so, read the post carefully.

The Walking Dead (TWD) All stars is a game based on the hit comic and TV series with the same name. It is a survival experience in which Survivors have their own unique traits and alignments. They have to go through an apocalypse and might survive if they strategize well.

The game is free to play available for Android and iOS platforms. It is created by a developer named Com2uS Holdings Corporation. This is one of the recently released games growing little by little in terms of popularity.

TWD All Stars Codes

In this article, we are going to present the list of The Walking Dead All Star Codes that consist of 100% working alphanumeric coupons (codes). Along with coupons, we will mention the names of associated rewards and also redeeming procedure as well.

These coupons are offered by the developer of the game and they will help you in numerous ways. You will be unlocking some of the in-app shop items for free. Usually, the shop items and resources can be unlocked by completing a particular task and by spending real-life money.

Redeeming these coupons could also help you survive the zombie apocalypse by providing the goods you require to come over it. You might as well get the resources that will assist you to recruit more characters, stash some canned food, and even get some gold bars.

So, it is a great chance to have some goodies that can improve your overall gameplay experience and impact positively on your skills. Our page regularly gives updates regarding the codes for all the top games available on various platforms so just visit it daily and bookmark it to access it easily.

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TWD All Stars Codes 2022 (September)

Here you will get to know about working The Walking Dead All Star Codes 2022 along with the associated freebies.

Active Codes List

  • OLAOLA17344 — Redeem this gift code for Gold Bar x1500, Broken Notebook (Rare) x60, and Canned Food x100K
  • COMEONALL — Redeem this gift code for a Gold Bar x300 and other exclusive rewards
  • TWDNEWUSERS — Redeem this gift code to get exclusive rewards
  • TOOLBOX1 — Redeem this gift code for Toolbox x200 (Added on September 12, 2022)
  • WELCOME500 — Redeem this gift code for a x500 gold bar (Added on September 12, 2022)
  • RETWEET300 — Redeem this gift code for a Gold Bar x500 (Valid until October 6, 2022)
  • TWITTER2022 — Redeem this gift code for Torn Notebook (Epic) x60 (Valid until October 10, 2022)
  • 2022Chuseok — Redeem this gift code for an Alignment Recruit Ticket x10 (Valid until October 4, 2022)
  • DISCORD3000 — Redeem this gift code for a Gold Bar x1000 (Valid until October 5, 2022)
  • TWDASPAXWEST2022 — Redeem this gift code for a Gold Bar x1500, a Notebook (Epic) and an Integrated Report (2H) x5 (Added on September 4, 2022)
  • GLOBALOPEN — Redeem this gift code for a normal recruitment ticket x30 (valid until October 4, 2022)
  • ALLSTARS — Redeem this gift code for Regular Recruitment Ticket x10, Canned Food x100K, Integrated Report (2H) x5 (Valid until Feb 28, 2023)
  • TWD30000 — Redeem this gift code to get exclusive rewards (Valid until September 30, 2022)
  • KRMANSAE — Redeem this gift code for Regular Recruit Ticket x8, Supply Box x1, Integrated Report (2H) x5 (Valid until September 15, 2022)
  • PLAYTWDA — Redeem this gift code to get exclusive rewards
  • SURVIVORS2022 — Redeem this gift code to get exclusive rewards
  • RAINYDAY — Redeem this gift code to get exclusive rewards

Expired Codes List

  • There are no expired coupons for this game at the moment

How to Redeem Codes in The Walking Dead All Stars

Redeeming coupons in TWD all stars is simple just follow the instructions given in the step-by-step procedure below. To collect all the free stuff execute the instructions for each code and make your experience more enjoyable.

Step 1

Launch the gaming app on your particular device.

Step 2

Once the game is loaded, go to the profile section and tap on ‘account’ option.

Step 3

Then tap on ‘community’ option available on the screen.

Step 4

Now tap the menu button in the top left corner of this page.

Step 5

Then tap on ‘coupon exchange’ and the redemption window will open.

Step 6

Here type the code in the recommended text box or you can use copy-paste function to put it in the box.

Step 7

Finally, tap on the use the coupon to complete the process and receive the rewards on offer.

Keep in mind that TWD All Stars Codes are time-limited set by the developer and gets expired when the limit is over. Also, when a single code reaches its maximum redemptions it doesn’t work so it is necessary to redeem on time and ASAP.

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If you play this fascinating game regularly then you will certainly love the rewards after redeeming the TWD All Stars Codes. In case you have any more queries regarding the game or the coupons then share them in the comment section.

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