What Happened Between Virat Kohli And Gautam Gambhir And Naveen Ul Haq During IPL 2023 Match Explained

Just like in the old times the RCB talisman Virat Kohli and LSG coach Gautam Gambhir engaged in a fight last night during the IPL 2023 clash. Therefore, many of the fans wanted to know what happened between Virat Kohli And Gautam Gambhir. Hence, to solve the mystery we will provide all the details about the fight and the background story. Also, you will learn everything about the spat between Naveen ul Haq and Virat as well.

The Lucknow Super Giants coach and the former Indian opening batter doesn’t shy away from expressing his feelings on the ground as he has been involved in many fights during his career. On the other hand, Virat Kohli is also a kind character who shows his emotions on the field and doesn’t back down from a fight.

Last night, in the hot battle between two top teams LSG and RCB in IPL 2023, Virat, the Afghanistan speedster Naveen ul Haq, and Gautam Gambhir engaged in spats that grabbed all the attention. In a low-scoring match, RCB prevailed by 18 runs defending 127 at LSG’s home ground. Some incidents at the end of the game captured all the headlines which includes Kohli and Virat fight.  

Watch What Happened Between Virat Kohli And Gautam Gambhir

After a cricket match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants on May 1st, two famous Indian cricketers, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir, got into an argument which was caught on camera. In the video, they are been separated by other players from both teams.

Screenshot of What Happened Between Virat Kohli And Gautam Gambhir

This was not the initial heated altercation between Kohli and Gambhir in the IPL. They had a confrontation during a match between RCB and KKR in 2013, where Gambhir was the captain of the opposite team. Gambhir has been seen shushing the crowd in the reverse fixture between LSG and RCB at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in which the LSG won the game on the last ball chasing a total of 212.

Virat gave it back to LSG fans by making the same expression during the game. In the latter half of the LSG chase last night, tensions escalated notably. During the 17th over, Kohli engaged in heated arguments with LSG players Amit Mishra and Naveen-ul-Haq, and these exchanges persisted long after the match had ended.

After the match, when players from both teams were shaking hands, Kohli spoke to Naveen again. Naveen shook his hand aggressively and then brushed him off. Later, Kohli was talking to LSG’s Kyle Mayers when Gambhir took Mayers away. Kohli did not seem happy about this and walked away while looking at Gambhir.

Then Gambhir yelled at Kohli and charged at him multiple times while his teammates, including captain KL Rahul, tried to stop him. Then, Gambhir and Kohli faced each other and exchanged some angry words, with Kohli attempting to explain the situation.

For breaching the IPL 2023 code of conduct, the BCCI fined 100% of the match fee of both Virat and Gambhir. In the post-match reaction video shared by RCB’s official Twitter handle, Virat explained his actions by saying “If you give it, you got to take it. Otherwise don’t give it.”

What Happened Between Naveen and Virat Kohli

The LSG and Afghanistan fast bowler also seemed to be angry with Virat. During the 17th over of the match, there was an argument between Virat and Naveen. In a video of the game, the former Indian captain can be seen getting angry over something that the LSG batter said. The non-striking batter Amit Mishra and an umpire intervened and attempted to calm down the two players’ emotions.

What Happened Between Naveen and Virat Kohli

Again, after the game ended and when the teams were shaking hands, the two players were seen arguing again, with things getting more intense. RCB’s Glenn Maxwell stepped in to break it up. BCCI fined Naveen 70% of the match fee for breaching the code of conduct.

Naveen shared a story on Instagram after the match in which he stated “You get what you deserve that’s how it should be and that’s how it goes”. Naveen also refused to shake hands with Virat at the moment after the game while the RCB player was chatting with KL Rahul.

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As promised, we have explained the full story regarding what happened between Virat Kohli And Gautam Gambhir during the game last night in IPL 2023. Also, we have provided the details related to the fight between Virat and Naveen Ul Haq. That’s all we have for this one as we say goodbye for now.

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