What Happened To Emmanuel The Emu? How The TikTok Star Recovery Going

Emmanuel is again making the headlines on the internet and everyone seems very worried about the famous TikTok star. If you are wondering what happened to Emmanuel the Emu then you have come to the right spot to know everything about this Emu.

You all have witnessed many videos go famous in the past and remained in the headlines for a lot of days featuring this Emu named Emmanuel. Recently the caretaker of Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida Taylor Blake shared pictures and videos saying he is suffering from a viral disease.

The images went viral on the internet and people seemed to be concerned about his health. Emmanuel’s videos have racked up millions of views on various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

What Happened To Emmanuel The Emu?                                                                             

The headline grabber Emmanuel is suffering from avian flu and struggling to get on his feet at the moment. Taylor Blake the caretaker posted the sad news on Twitter with a long thread highlighting the current situation the Emu is going through.

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Regarding the situation of Emu, Taylor shared pictures and told that the emu has nerve damage to his right leg and can’t eat or drink on his own. Emmanuel is suffering from deadly flu therefore she asked for prayers in a Twitter post.

In the thread, she said “We lost more than 50 birds in three days. I’m still trying to figure out what happened. When Emmanuel unexpectedly died last Wednesday, we thought we were out of the woods.” The flu has created havoc and killed more than 45 million birds since February, according to the Department of Agriculture US.

The news made many people sad and they are wishing Emu a speedy recovery. Taylor also shared a picture a few days ago with a long caption in which she stated “Hi friends! I sat up all by myself for 10 minutes today! I did it even though it was hard. I am getting stronger every day! My mom surrounded me with lots of soft things so I wouldn’t hurt myself as I learned to walk again. Thank you for your prayers; they’re helping”.”

Who is Emmanuel Emu?

Who is Emmanuel Emu

The TikTok sensation Emmanuel Emu is a bird that got viral earlier this year for interrupting the education videos of the farm’s caretaker Taylor Blake. There are a lot of animals on the farm and it looks like everyone has a great friendship with the caregiver Taylor but Emu is the naughty one.

While she was recording a video, the emu enters the frame most of the time and looks at the camera as if he will break it into the pieces. Taylor screams Emmanuel don’t do it Emmanuel do not do it and emu backs away after all. These videos have millions of views and made Emmanuel Emu a sensation overnight.


Not a day goes by that Emanuel doesn’t try my life #emu #emusoftiktok #farmlife

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Talking about Emmanuel in an interview Taylor stated “he has a genuine “obsession with the camera” — and “obsession with me. No matter where I am, he always has to be right next to me.” She loves him and we have seen many images kissing him and having fun with him.

Hopefully, the Emu recovers fast as we all want to see him healthy. He is on the road to recovery and getting better. Sharing her thoughts on the recovery of Emu Taylor stated on Twitter “This entire experience, albeit very traumatizing, has taught me so much. I will always use my platform to spread awareness. To hopefully use the knowledge, I’ve gained to save someone else from this heartbreak.”

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Final Thoughts

What happened to Emmanuel the Emu is certainly not a mystery anymore as we have shared all the details and information related to the famous Emmanuel the Emu. We all wish Emu a speedy recovery with this not we sign off for now.

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