What Is Smile Dating Test TikTok By Ktestone – How To Take It, Website Link

There is a new viral test on the video-sharing platform TikTok that has grabbed the spotlight these days popular as Smile Dating Test by Ktestone. To know everything about what is smile dating test TikTok including how to do it just read the full article.

Every now and then there is a test or quiz on TikTok which grabs the attention of users and made them participate. In recent times we have seen many tests go viral on this platform such as Innocence Test, Hearing Age Test, and several others.

Now a new quiz made by a Korean has gone viral called Ktestone’s smile dating test. In this test, participants are asked a few questions about dating and as a result, it will tell you about your dating style with a smiley character.

What Is Smile Dating Test TikTok

It seems people love to take quizzes related to their personality and love life. With 16 different colored smileys symbolizing 16 distinct personalities, the new smiley dating test Ktestone has become the new favorite quiz to take for many people currently.

It basically tells you what kind of dating personality you are based on the answers you provide. There will be 12 questions to answer for the users and once you are done with them, it will generate a result that tells you which smiley you are with an explanation.

Its popularity increasing day by day on TikTok with many users attempting and sharing the result with catchy captions. Many of the videos shared by users have a decent viewing and are viral on the platform these days.  

The quiz is available on the ktestone website and you just need to go there to find what sort of dating person you are. The content of the website is mentioned in Korean language and if you don’t understand it you have to translate the page first.

In case you don’t know how to translate this webpage then follow the listed instructions given below.

How to translate the page of Ktestone’s smile dating test?

There are several ways to translate web pages and Google also gives you the option of translating the page if the content is not in your default language.

  • Google interprets the website for you according to what language you use and asks you whether you want to translate it or not. Choose English when that message pops us on your screen
  • You can also translate a page by clicking the left button on your mouse or keypad and choosing the translate to English option
  • You’ll notice a Google symbol with the letter “G” in the search box, which shows the URL. By clicking on it, you can select English.

How to take the Smile Dating Test on TikTok

How to take the Smile Dating Test on TikTok

The following instructions will guide you in taking this viral test.

  • First of all, visit the ktestone website for the starters
  • If you don’t know the Korean language then translate the page into English using one of the methods mentioned above
  • Then on the homepage, tap/click ‘Going to do a test’ option to proceed further
  • Now 12 questions will appear on your screen one by one, answer all of them with your personality related options
  • Once you are done, the result page will appear on the screen
  • Now that you go the result, take a screenshot of the result page to post it later on your TikTok account

This is how you can take this quiz and participate in this viral contest.

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Final Words

We have explained what is smile dating test TikTok by ktestone and how could you take part in it. Hopefully, you got all the details about the test you came looking for here. That’s all for this post do share your thoughts on it using the comments option.

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