What is the CFAK Quiz on TikTok, All You Need To Know About The Viral Personality Test

The CFAK quiz is one of the latest viral things on TikTok created by a user named Felecia. Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, Knight quiz also known as CFAK is a personality test that tells you what kind of person you are. Learn what is the CFAK quiz on TikTok in detail and get to know the meaning of Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, and Knight.

Talking about the trending quiz the creator Felecia told the New York Post “I make these personality quizzes as a fun way to explore my passion [for psychology].” She further said “She chose cowboys, fairies, angels, and knights because while “they’re all distinctly different from each other,” they represent qualities people want to emulate.”

It has gone viral on the TikTok platform with many users taking the test and sharing the results on TikTok. Already, there are millions of views on the quiz videos with more and more users wanting to take the personality quiz.

What is the CFAK Quiz on TikTok

The Cowboy Fairy Angel Knight quiz tells you about what type of personality you have after you provide some answers to the questions asked in the quiz. This categorizes you as a Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, or Knight depending on your initial reaction when faced with a situation.

Screenshot of What is the CFAK Quiz on TikTok

There are only two queries to answer for the participants and the answer should be either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Many users have attempted the quiz and explained why they answered yes or no to the questions. One user said, “Fairy Angel cause sometimes I dive the hell in and sometimes I need to read the dam instructors but I am NEVER going to find the intruder”.

@feleciaforthewin the creator of the quiz also shared a video explaining the quiz which gained 1.4 million views. She said many a time that these quizzes are just for fun. They use some ideas from psychology, but they don’t show everything about psychology.

How to Take the CFAK Quiz?

If you are still confused about how to take the viral quiz and want to know whether you are a Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, or Knight, just keep reading the post. Here you will learn how to participate in the quiz and what is meaning of the answers you have provided.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the Felicia’s website
  • You will see two questions and answer them using a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
  • Then check the combination of your answers based on which you will get to know whether you are a Cowboy, a Fairy, an Angel, or a Knight

The two questions asked in the quiz are given here:

  1. You just got something new in the mail. What is your initial reaction? Are you the type of person to read the manual before you use it?
  2. It’s the middle of the night and someone breaks into your house. What is your initial reaction? Are you the type of person to respond by going to find the intruder?

Cowboy Fairy Angel Knight Personality Quiz Answers Meaning

Based of your combinations of answers you are either Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, or Knight.

If your answers are NO-NO for both the questions, you’re a fairy. As per the explanation, Fairies have unique thoughts and don’t always obey the rules. Sometimes, their actions might make others uneasy, even though they have good intentions. Fairies are usually neurodiverse.

If your answers are No-Yes, you are a Cowboy. According to the quiz creator, Cowboys are confident and fearless, and they’re willing to take risks and fail. In case your answers are Yes-No, you’re an angel. The quiz creators say, “Angels are the light of this world, adding that these people usually find others wanting to protect them and keep them safe”.

Lastly, if your answers are Yes-Yes, you are a Knight. Explaining the Knight’s personality, the creators say, “They are those who keep the world from falling apart. They construct and build the world as we know it.”

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We have explained what is the CFAK Quiz on TikTok that everyone is talking about currently. Also, you learned how to take the personality test and determine whether you are Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, or Knight. That’s all for this post, we say goodbye for now.

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