What Is The Coloring Book Trend On TikTok – All You Need To Know About The Adorable Trend

A new trend based on artistic skills has been going viral on TikTok as users are loving the wholesome results. Many users consist of close friends or partners delighting in the chance to discuss color selections and share distinctive viewpoints on a shared piece of artwork. Get to what is the Coloring Book Trend on TikTok in detail and learn how to be part of this viral trend.

The short video-sharing platform TikTok is famous for different kinds of trends going viral from time to time. Sometimes the trends are bizarre and stupid making people question the use of this platform. But that is not the case with the coloring book thing.

It is very much loved by everyone who has seen the videos and done it. To participate in the TikTok trend, the users need to download the My Coloring Book Free app. You will many digital coloring books and pages available in the app to perform the artwork and compare it with your loved ones.

What is the Coloring Book Trend on TikTok

The Coloring Book trend app is available for free on the iOS Play Store. This application has been used by TikTok users to create a fun trend and it has already millions of views on it. Users are using the hashtag #colorbooktrend to share their content on the platform. There are hundreds of videos available using this hashtag some of which have accumulated a huge number of views.

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People on TikTok really are enjoying this trend. Many of the people joining in are either friends or couples. They like comparing their color choices and different views of the same art. For example, it’s exciting to see your husband or boyfriend pick a purple shade when you choose beige for a digital art pillow or blanket.

How to do the Coloring Book Trend on TikTok

How to do the Coloring Book Trend on TikTok

If you want to join the TikTok Coloring Book trend, you have to download the My Coloring Book Free App. The app offers many books and pages that you can utilize to do your artwork. The app is available on the Apple Play Store. After installing the app on your device, follow the instructions given here to do the challenge.

  • Launch the My Coloring Book app on your device to get started
  • Choose the design you’d like to color digitally from the options at the top of the homepage
  • The other person needs to color the same page on their app
  • If you want to compare multiple pictures in your video, you can choose more than one page
  • Once you are done with coloring and artwork on the page, capture screenshots to compare it with other participant involved
  • Put the same pages next to each other in a video using any editing software. Make sure to add your names on the pages colored by you and the other by your friend or partner. Do the same if there are more pages.
  • Lastly, share the cute video with your followers by posting it on your TikTok account. Use the hashtag #colorbooktrend in your caption to be part of the viral trend

Reactions on Coloring Book Trend App Results

Many users have loved the results of the coloring app and it is not about who made a better colored page. Netizens are focusing on similar and differing elements between the two finished products. A user named Lydia Elsen captioned her video “Our differences are what I love most”.

Another TikToker with username @cooki3cr3at3z says, “The differences are amazing! Love this trend.” “This app made me realize me and my besties look at things so differently,” another person commented.

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Well, what is the Coloring Book Trend on TikTok should not be an unknown thing to you after reading this post as we have described everything about the latest viral trend. We have also explained how to do the trend in the best way possible so that you have no problems following it.

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