What Is The Lego AI Filter On TikTok And How To Use It Explained As AI Effect Goes Viral On Social Media

The Lego AI filter is the latest in the long line of filters to go viral on social platforms. TikTok users are heavily using this effect in their videos and some of the videos have thousands of views. Know what is the Lego AI filter on TikTok and learn how to use this effect in your content.

In recent times, a lot of AI filters have captured the hearts of users and shown results that users didn’t expect. The Anime AI filter, MyHeritage AI Time Machine, and so many others have set the trends in the recent past. Now, the TikTok Lego AI filter is dominating the trends and gained attention on social media.

The Lego AI Filter is an effect that takes inspiration from Lego blocks to enhance your content with a Lego-like touch. In many TikTok videos, you’ll see this cool effect where the picture changes between a regular one and a Lego version. Users show the before and after in a fun and engaging way.

What is the Lego AI Filter on TikTok

The TikTok Lego AI filter is a fun effect that lets users turn themselves into a Lego version of themselves. This filter can transform any of your videos into a Lego-like version, making it appear as if it has been created using plastic building blocks. It works on any kind of video, allowing you to unleash your creativity with endless possibilities.

Screenshot of What Is The Lego AI Filter On TikTok

The Lego AI Filter is an amazing new invention that uses smart technology to turn movies into animated Lego-style videos. It uses special algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to create this unique and exciting transformation. The filter magically turns everything into plastic brick replicas. It can transform people, houses, animals, and stunning landscapes into Lego versions.

Out of all the topics, building Lego models of cars has become especially popular among people. This filter has sparked a wave of creativity among users, creating a platform for people to express themselves and showcase their innovative ideas. People on TikTok from different parts of the world are transforming their BMWs, Fords, Audis, and even motorcycles into Lego versions.


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The trend is popular with the hashtag #Lego and there are thousands of videos on the TikTok app. Content creators are using the CapCut app to post before and after videos showing the Lego versions of things. So, everyone seems to be interested in joining the trend but in case you don’t know how to use this filter then the following section will guide you in achieving the objective.

How to Use the Lego AI Filter on TikTok

Screenshot of How to Use the Lego AI Filter on TikTok

Those who are interested in applying this filter in their content will have to use an external app called “Restyle: Cartoon Yourself App”. The app is free to download but to use the Lego AI Filter you have to pay a small subscription fee. One week of access will cost you $2.99. Once you have downloaded the app and it is accessible, just follow the instruction given below.

  • Launch the app on your device
  • On the main page, you will see Lego Filter at the top
  • Just click/tap the Try Video Style option
  • Then it will ask to allow access to the gallery so give the app permission
  • Now select the video you want to transform into a Lego version
  • Wait for a few moments and when the transformation is complete, save the video on your device
  • Finally, post the video on your TikTok and other social platforms

To create a before and after version use the CapCut app which is free. Do include catchy captions and your views on the effect to make it more appealing to the viewers.

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Surely, you will now understand what is the Lego AI filter on TikTok and learn how to use the AI effect to create viral content. The filter is currently one of the most talked about ones worldwide with thousands of TikTok users applying the filter in unique ways.

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