What is TikTok Tanning Filter Trend As It Goes Viral Racking Up A Debate Among Users

Another week another TikTok filter is grabbing the attention of the users. Some users look delighted to try this filter on as it gives users a sun-kissed complexion and others are not too happy with the results. Get to know what is TikTok Tanning Filter trend in detail and what the audience say about the filter.

Beauty filters and tips have always been a hot topic on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Users are not shy about using these effects and share the results on social platforms. At the moment the tanning filter is seen as a superficial way of attaining beauty.

As always, there are people who have negative views about this beauty hack because it gives you a fake complexation. Nonetheless, it has become a trend to use this beauty filter and already there are hundreds of videos made by content creators.

What is TikTok Tanning Filter Trend

The Tanning Filter on TikTok makes you look tanned giving you a Sunkissed glow. The filter that makes your skin look tan has become popular again in the last few weeks, but it has actually been on TikTok for a while. Some people are joining in on the trend by editing their photos in different ways to make them look like they used the popular filter. They are also making tutorials to show others how to do it.

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Since it’s summertime now, people who couldn’t go to the beach to get a natural tan are using the popular filter instead. They hope to get a similar or even better tan effect through this filter. The TikTok filter puts a very realistic full face of makeup on people, but some think it’s not worth using because it causes more harm than good.

One of the popular videos using this filter which got 50k likes was captioned “My biggest red flag is that I’d rather look like an oompa loompa than be pale.” This. Is. Worrying.” Another popular video made by the username @joannajkenny which has over 4 million views advised people not to use the filter.

However, some people who are using the filter are defending themselves by saying that they have naturally achieved similar results by tanning under the sun. They are emphasizing that they are not promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

TikTok Users Have Mixed Reviews About the Tanning Filter

The face-altering effect faced backlash on social media as people are criticizing the fake complexation. One user wrote, “I don’t want to say this about myself but I actually look ugly when I take this filter off, I’ve done a lot of work to unlearn that I owe prettiness to anyone”.

Another content creator shared a video criticizing the filter by captioning it “will never complain about being pale again”. In response to this video a user commented, “I love being pale, I used to be teased for it growing up. But especially in the winter, I have learned to embrace it”

Another person commented, “felt this heavy,” to which the TikToker replied, “The hard reality of our tanning addictions.” There are also some users who defended the filter referring that they have achieved the results they wanted.

TikToker with the username @Orig_Faygo added text to her video that reads “Proof everyone looks better with tan”. In another video where the creator was criticizing the filter a follower commented “Everyone says she looks great pale… you are literally stunning in that second clip”.


i finally got to tan again, the filter was my before 😭 [NOT A FAKE TAN] #trending #audios #real #relatable #tan #fyp #fy

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Final Words

What is TikTok Tanning Filter Trend should not be an unknown thing anymore because we have presented all the information about the trend. The trend has sparked debate online with people arguing with each other about the results it is generating.

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