Where Is Messi Going, The World Cup Winner Has Decided His Next Destination

Where is Messi going after leaving PSG? this is the most anticipated question asked by football fans all across the globe and last night the Argentine superstar provided the answers. The former Barcelona and PSG player Lionel Messi is set to join Inter Miami CF as the player has agreed a deal with the MLS side.

After speculations of him joining his former club FC Barcelona or Joining Al Hilal to become the highest-paid player, the decision came from the player side yesterday as Messi has decided to sign for Inter Miami. It’s a setback for Barcelona fans because they wanted him back at the club to give him the farewell he deserved.

Lionel Messi has also turned down a whopping $1.9 billion deal over two years presented by Saudi Arabia Pro League club Al Hilal. He will earn a lot of money in the US but it is clear that his decision is based on other reasons not just earning money as has turned down a bigger deal from AL Hilal.

Where Is Messi Going After Leaving PSG

Messi is going to Inter Miami CF the Major Soccer League Club co-owned by England legend David Beckham. The 7-time Ballon d’Or winner announced he is joining the MLS club. Talking to Mundo Deportivo and Sport Newspaper, he said “I made the decision that I’m going to go to Miami”.

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Messi is leaving PSG and joining Inter Miami after the contract expires. His PSG journey comes to an end with 2 league titles and one domestic cup. Messi intended to stay in Europe only he could return to FC Barcelona and the Barca offer was only words not in written form.

“I really wanted to return to Barça, I had that dream. But after what happened two years ago, I did not want to be in the same situation again, leaving my future in the hands of someone else… I wanted to take my own decision, thinking of me and my family” he said talking to Sport clarifying his decision to join Miami.

He further said “I heard reports of La Liga giving the green light but the truth is that many, really many things were still missing in order to make my return to Barça happen. I didn’t want to be responsible for them to sell players or reduce salaries. I was tired.”

Messi continued “Money, has never been an issue with me. We didn’t even discuss the contract with Barcelona! They sent me a proposal but was never an official, written, and signed proposal. We never negotiated my salary. It wasn’t about money otherwise I was going to join Saudi”.

He also revealed that he had an offer from another European club but he never even consider it because of Barca. “I received bids from other European clubs but I didn’t even consider those proposals because my only idea was to join Barcelona in Europe,” he said.

“I’d love to be close to Barcelona. I will live in Barcelona again, it’s already decided. I hope to help the club one day because it’s the club I love” he said thanking his boyhood club.

Why Messi Choose Inter Miami

Messi choose Inter Miami because he didn’t want to leave his future in the hands of someone else. There was no official offer from Barcelona just talks of bringing back. Therefore, he made the decision of leaving Europe for Inter Miami.

Why Messi Choose Inter Miami

“The truth is that my final decision goes elsewhere and not because of money,” he told the Spanish press. He wanted to be out of the spotlight and give time to his family which is not been the case as he explained in the interview.

Inter Miami Messi Contract Details

Messi, one of the greatest football players of all time has won everything in his career. He helped Argentina to win the World Cup 2022 and added the missing piece to his trophy cabinet. He leaves Europe with an unmatched legacy that will be hard to repeat for any other player. On the other hand, it is the biggest deal for MLS and surely the league will reach new heights with Messi’s signing.

Messi’s contract with Inter Miami is said to be the biggest in the 27-year history of MLS. He will get a share of the money earned from Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass, which shows the league’s games. He will also be able to make the most of his current sponsorship agreement with Adidas.

His contract includes an option part ownership of the club as well. Messi joining MLS is expected to attract more people to watch games on Apple TV because he is the most famous soccer player in the world.

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Where is Messi going is one most talked about things across the globe after PSG confirmed that he leaving the club at the end of the season. Messi has decided to leave Europe and join Inter Miami after Barcelona fail to offer him a concreate deal.  

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