Who is Antonio Hart of Baltimore As The TikTok Live Video of Him Confessing to Involve in Murders Gone Viral

Antonio Hart who was found dead by police did a TikTok live video confessing he murdered people for which other people are facing the charges. He held four people hostage and refused to surrender prior to being found dead. He did a TikTok live session confessing his crimes from the past. Get to know who is Antonio Hart of Baltimore in detail and all about the crime scene.

Antonio Hart Baltimore live stream of the crime scene where he held four people hostages has now gone viral on numerous social media platforms. The viewers are surprised by the confession he made in the live video calling him a psychopath. He was found dead after a barricade situation that happened Saturday morning in Baltimore County.

In the midst of the standoff, Hart freed three individuals while a fourth woman managed to escape independently. Authorities promptly transported her to a local hospital to receive medical care and undergo assessment for injuries characterized as significant by the police.

Who is Antonio Hart of Baltimore

Antonio Hart is a resident of Baltimore County who was involved in a barricade situation on January 20, 2024. As per the official reports, Police in Baltimore County went to Grenville Square (4800 block) to check a problem at home. They talked to a 31-year-old named Antonio Hart. He didn’t want to help and said he had a weapon.

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In the tense situation, Hart let three people go after a while, and a fourth woman got away by herself. The police said she had serious injuries, so they quickly took her to the nearby hospital for treatment and evaluation. Hart kept refusing to leave after releasing the hostages, staying inside. After several hours, the Tactical Team entered the home and found him dead.

It appears as if he took his own life but before that, he went live on TikTok to confess his crimes in the course of his life. He admitted to killing Daquan on Halloween in 2010 for which a guy named Sterling Matthew is now serving a life sentence in Cumberland for the crime.

He also admitted to another killing in 2011 and three additional ones around the same period. He said that all crimes were committed through shooting. Hart also stated that he wanted his confessions to be known worldwide to ensure that innocent people could be released.

Antonio Hart’s Confession Video of Murdering Multiple People

The TikTok live video where Antonio Hart confessed to the murders of several people has gone viral on social platforms. The comments made by Hart have caused a lot of concerns and currently, the police are investigating the statements.

In the video he says “Sterling Matthew is doing a life sentence… right now in Cumberland for somebody I killed on Halloween… I had that Glock 17 and that .25 Caliber that night they killed Daquan. I did that sh*t in 2010… Lil Sterling ain’t do that sh*t”.

He further continues his statement by saying “I love you Woo Baby but he ain’t do that sh*t. Big Rambo did that sh*t in 2010 and I stepped on him”. Currently, no one is sure if he called himself Big Rambo or referred to someone else. But it seems likely that Woo Baby is a name for Sterling Matthews, who was wrongly convicted.

As per the statement made by him in the video, he has killed more than four people in the shooting encounters for which other people are sentenced. At the end of the video, Hart showed a wound on his chest and got very emotional. At the moment there is no official confirmation of how he died, and the details are being looked into, along with what he said in the video.

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Well, who is Antonio Hart of Baltimore the man headlining because of the confession to his crimes in a live video should not be a mystery to you. We have provided all the details regarding the crime scene that happened in Baltimore County along with information related to the live confession video.

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