Who Is Daniella Hemsley The KingPyn Boxer Making Headlines For Her Flashy Celebrations

Daniella Hemsley has captured the headlines with her steamy celebration after winning a boxing match against Aleksandra Danielka at a Kingpyn Boxing event. She lifted her bra to expose her bre*sts while celebrating the victory. Get to know who is Daniella Hemsley in detail and learn more about the surprising celebrations.

The actions of Daniella have sparked a debate online with many people criticizing her for celebrating in such a way. Hemsley said sorry for her surprising behavior in the interview after the fight. She explained that her emotions got the best of her.

On Saturday, July 15th, Hemsley had a tough fight that lasted for five rounds. Hemsley managed to win for the first-time defeating Aleksandra Danielka, with all the judges giving her the victory with scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

Who is Daniella Hemsley

Daniella Hemsley is a social media influence and OnlyFans model apart from being a boxer. She has over 106k followers on Instagram and more than 250k followers on TikTok. She is only 22 years old as Hemsley celebrates her birthday on 15th October 2000. She is from England and her religion is Christianity.

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Daniella signed with Kingpyn Boxing in March 2023 and was matched up against Jully ‘Poca’ Oliveira for her debut fight. Brazilian fitness buff Jully Poca beat her by unanimous decision (50-45 x3). Things didn’t start the way she wanted.

So, Hemsley ended up in the second-place bracket, which meant she had to compete against Aleksandra, also known as ‘Ms.Danielka’. The match between the two influencers took place last Saturday in which Daniella beat Aleksandra.

She performed very well in the match and was judged victorious comfortably by the judges. After the referee declared her the winner, her emotions got the better of her as the OnlyFans model showed her bre*sts to the camera which surprised everyone.

Hemsley said sorry again after the fight. She wrote on Instagram, ” I also apologize to anyone who may have felt offended by my excitement. I did actually have tassels on but the sweat stuck them to my bra lol”.

Daniella Hemsley The KingPyn Celebrations

Daniella Hemsley Criticized for Her Flashy Celebrations

A lot of well-known personalities from the boxing fraternity came out and criticize the influencer for her post-match actions. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is also not happy about the celebrations talking to Boxing Social he said, “I think if I start preaching people just moan at me anyway, but you always ask me my opinion. And my opinion is I hate it”.

“I hate it, we’ve worked so hard for women in boxing to be respected for their ability, for their merits, for their hard work. One thing we must understand is that ain’t boxing. And that needs to be pushed, all that stuff, Misfits, Kingpyn, it needs to be booted so far away from professional boxing and we really need to disassociate ourselves with what it is”, He told the Boxing Social.

Boxing superstar Claressa Shields agreed with Hearn and said, “Wow. this is a step backwards for women’s boxing. Stop this s***.” Aussie world champ Ebanie Bridges Tweeted “Showing your t**s’ actually looks like… something I’d never do”.

One user Tweeted “She had great bo*bs tbf hahaha & anyone who is going on about how it’s bad for women’s boxing – firstly it’s influencer boxing & secondly, it’s really not going to affect it, let’s be real. All it’s gonna do is get that influencer more exposure, more followers & more money”.

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Who is Daniella Hemsley the boxer gone viral for flashy celebrations after winning a fight should not be an unfamiliar personality for you as we have provided all details about the influencer. Also, you have learned what people belonging to this field have to say about her actions. That’s all as we sign off for now.

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