Who is Darren Watkins Sr Father of IShowSpeed, Learn Who He Prefers Messi or Ronaldo

Darren Watkins Jr popularly known as IShowSpeed needs no introduction as he is one of the most popular YouTube streamers and social media personalities. Many people are interested in knowing his family and personal details. Here you will get to know who is Darren Watkins Sr father of IShowSpeed and his views on the never-ending Messi & Ronaldo GOAT debate.

The 18-year-old social media sensation IShowSpeed has always been able to capture the attention of people all across the world with his unique and funny reactions. His popularity has grown immensely in recent times and now the streamer has over 19 million subscribers on YouTube.

The world calls him Speed but his real name is Darren Watkins Junior. He is named after his father Darren Watkins Senior who has appeared in some streams on YouTube. The father and son have a great bonding but their views on Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi are different.

Who is Darren Watkins Sr

Darren Watkins Senior father of Speed became famous after appearing in streams of IShowSpeed. Speed calls him the ‘Daddy Speed’ and they get along very well. Darren Watkins Sr is the only family member of Speed who has been featured in videos. Speed has never revealed too much about his personal life and family. According to some information, Darren Watkins Sr is forty years old and has a regular job with an average level of income.

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IShowSpeed parents were separated long ago and his mother raised him. The relationship with his father Darren Watkins Sr is very good despite the early separation and Speed has many a time invited his father on streams.

Darren Watkins Sr Pick Messi Over Ronaldo as the GOAT

As we all know Speed is a die-hard Ronaldo fan and considers CR7 the greatest football player of all time. We have witnessed a lot of videos where the Youtuber asked other people about their preference in the Messi or Ronaldo debate. Most of the time he gets angry when somebody chooses Messi over Ronaldo.

His father Watkins Senior shocks Speed by picking Messi as the better player during a stream. IShowSpeed shows videos of both Messi and Ronaldo during the stream and asks his father to pick the better player. Surprisingly, his father says Messi looks like a better player than Ronaldo which brings out a shocked expression on Speed’s face.

In the video, Darren Senior says, Honestly, I just saw with my virgin eyes that Messi was better.” Speed with a dejected face responds by saying “I came out of your b*lls, and you’re saying this! You’re my own dad!” Despite the difference of opinion, the father and son duo seem to get along very well.

IShowSpeed Reacts To 19 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Darren Watkins Junior known as Speed is getting more popular with each passing day. He was in tears while thanking his followers after reaching the 19 Million Subscribers mark on YouTube. Speed is currently in the Hospital recovering from an extremely painful cluster headache.

IShowSpeed Health Condition

It came to light that Speed had been battling a severe sinus infection, which led to significant swelling in his right eye. One of the streamer’s friends disclosed that if he hadn’t received immediate medical attention, he could have faced the possibility of losing his eye.

He is constantly informing his followers about his health through his social media handles. After hearing the news reaching the 19 million subscribers mark, he decided to go live and thank the people. He got a bit emotional during the stream while talking to his followers.

He said “I didn’t wanna miss this moment with y’all boys,” he said. “I’m still hospitalized, as you can see, but I didn’t wanna miss this moment with y’all. I know I’m still sick, I know a lot is still going on. But chat, how could I miss this lovely moment with y’all boys”.

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Surely, now you are familiar who is Darren Watkins Sr the dad of famous YouTube streamer IShowSpeed. Also, you got to know his opinion regarding the much-anticipated Messi or Ronaldo debate. That’s all we have for this one so it’s time to sign off.

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