Who is Kelly? Why is She Trending on TikTok

Who is Kelly? Well, Kelly is someone who is trending on TikTok and there is a genuine reason for that. To go viral in the era of social media, you need to have some reason, well most of the time. This girl didn’t know that she would be a sensation after uploading this video. But now the cat is out of the bag.

The proliferation of various social media platforms gives the users and the creators equal opportunity to explore different avenues and methods to try, before getting the attention for the makers, or trying free entertainment for the first group. Every platform has its own pros and cons.

Take for example the short video platform TikTok. It has become a leading attention grabber thanks to its addictive algorithm and the diverse and spawning number of creators, who have something new for their followers every now and then.

Coupled with the built-in video editing and improvement features, even a layman can create a stunning video effortlessly. Not to mention the short time span, there is no possibility of getting bored on the platform, no matter how long you spend time there.

Who is Kelly on Tiktok

Image of who is Kelly

There could be thousands of Kelly on TikTok but we are talking specifically about the one with the handle @bhadie.kellyy. One of her videos is trending online. As you might have seen it already if you haven’t, don’t get late.

The lady Bhadie Kelly went viral after a video of her twerking in a light brown and multi-colored gown was uploaded from her account. People after witnessing her talent started talking about her. Soon her fans realized that this was something great and started sharing the video.

And soon many new followers and fans have joined the comments section while others have even decided to follow her. In a short while, her following almost doubled crossing the figure of 600K. From the growth of followers, it is enough to assume that the video has a charming attraction for the audience.

Why Kelly is Trending on Tiktok

As we mentioned before, this girl with over 350K followers became an online sensation. The TikTok girl has forced everyone to ask who is Kelly. She has garnered over nine million likes so far for her uploaded content on just one profile.

She has other profiles as well that go by the names @slayy.kellyy and @pyt.kellyy but her most active profile is @bhadie.kellyy. Here she constantly updates content for her followers.

She soon started trending on the platform after uploading a video in a multi-colored gown. The moves attracted many people on the platform and many have started to follow her after watching the video and other content posted on the profile.

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Currently, a girl twerking on TikTok has got the people asking who is Kelly. This magical video is bringing hordes of new followers to her profile that we have shared above. Tell us what you have to say about the video in the comments section below.

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