Who is Mia Dio The Social Media Influencer Viral For Catching Cheating Boyfriend Using AI Software

Mia Dio is a popular social media personality who recently surprised everyone with a story of using AI to catch her boyfriend cheating. The video explaining how she used an AI tool to learn about her boyfriend’s secret affair has gone viral on TikTok. Get to know who is Mia Dio in detail and the full story behind the viral revelation.

The TikTok video in which Mia reveals the story about the AI software and how she came to her boyfriend is a few months old as it was posted in April 2023. But it has recently gained a lot of attention and has been shared across social media platforms.

TikTok video has now racked up 2.7 million views on the platform along with thousands of comments in which users are calling Mia Dio a genius. She has used a unique way to determine whether her boyfriend Billy was cheating or not since he started acting weirdly.

Who is Mia Dio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Wiki

Mia Dio is a famous influencer and YouTuber with millions of followers. She is known for posting humorous content, makeup tutorials, Story Time skits, and other stuff. Mia has over 5.2 million followers on TikTok and achieved a lot of praise for her content.

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Mia Dio Instagram has 433k followers where she tends to post make-up tutorials, travel, and other lifestyle vlogs. She also has a YouTube channel running from a young age where her content includes skits, lifestyle vlogs, makeup tutorials, etc.

She’s been working together with other popular TikTok celebrities. She loves dogs a lot and uses her platform to support animal well-being. She also shares other kinds of videos like funny pranks, useful pet facts, and more.

As far as Mia Dio’s age is concerned, she is only 21 years old and her date of birth is May 14, 2001. In May, the influencer shared on Instagram that she finished studying at Florida International University. Her major subject was International Relations.

Her parents are Claudia and Luis Dio. She has four brothers and one sister. Her real dad is from Chile, but she grew up with an Argentine dad and a Brazilian mom. As per the details available online, Mia Dio’s net worth is estimated at $1.7 million in 2023. Most of her earning comes from TikTok and YouTube.

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Mia Dio Caught Cheating Boyfriend Using AI

The young beauty from Miami Florida surely got a smart brain as well as she used AI voice cloning software to catch her boyfriend cheating act. She decided to use this tool after her Boyfriend Billy acted suspiciously. Mia Dio shared a video on TikTok explaining the full story.

She explained that she employed AI voice cloning software to imitate Billy’s voice perfectly. Then, she called Billy’s closest friend to discover if he had not told her the truth about his activities the night before.


I cloned my boyfriends voice using #AI to find out if he was cheating on me. #fyp #cheating #boyfriend #voicecloning

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In a weird way, the friend believed the voice that the machine created to be Mia’s boyfriend. Without knowing, he started talking to this fake Billy and told him that the real Billy had kissed a random person at a party in front of everyone the previous night.

People praised her and called her a genius for coming up with a unique way to track down cheating boyfriends. But it was only a prank, not a factual story the TikToker admitted later. Talking to a news outlet, she said “Important context here is that this video was fully a prank on my fans, and both my boyfriend and friend were in on it”.

She further told the outlet “We were surprised at the number of people who believed this happened”. She continued, “I think that with technology and social media, it is so much easier for people to cheat because there’s so much access, the flip side there is that it’s also much easier to get caught, which is why I believe there’s such a cheating epidemic”.

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Well, the viral TikTok video of Mia Dio sharing the story of how she caught her boyfriend cheating using an AI tool was just a prank but still has received a positive response. That’s all for this one surely you now know who is Mia Dio the influencer who pranked everyone with the AI tool story.  

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