Who is Sahar Sonia The Instagram Influencer Allegedly The Reason Behind Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole Breakup

Sahar Sonia is a well-known social media influencer currently in the spotlight due to her involvement in the breakup between the Singer Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole. The couple has now confirmed that their relationship has ended and it was mainly because of the influencer Sahar Sonia. Here you will get to know who is Sahar Sonia in detail and learn all about the breakup story.

Sahar Sonia Edad is an enigmatic social media personality who has captured the attention of users with bold looks and a lavish lifestyle. At the moment, she is facing a huge backlash on social media after allegedly being the woman behind the breakup of celebrity couple Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole.

Sonia had to deactivate her Instagram account because of the negative comments and bullying. Sahar is catching everyone’s interest due to rumors linking her to Peso Pluma. This has made her a top subject among her followers and fans. The singer Peso Pluma fans are also jumping in to blame her for his breakup.

Who is Sahar Sonia Age, Bio, Instagram, Relationship with Sahar Sonia

Sahar Sonia is an Instagram influencer hailing from Los Angeles with over 80k followers. She shares reels and pictures regularly about her lavish life. But she hasn’t been too open about her private life and there is no information available regarding her age, education, and other stuff.

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Sonia is an influencer focused on showcasing her travels and luxurious experiences. Additionally, she refers to herself as a “private investigator” on her Instagram profile. But Sonia Sahar’s rumored romantic involvement with Peso Pluma has noticeably boosted her fame, drawing significant attention and interest from the public.

There were rumors of Peso Pluma cheating on Nicki Nicole with another woman which ended their relationship and the woman allegedly is Sahar Sonia. The Argentine artist has confirmed the breakup by sharing a story on Instagram which states “When there is no care and no respect… I don’t stay. I get out of there. With much pain, know that I found out the same way you did, thanks for the love you’re sending me”.

The images posted on Sahar Sonia’s Instagram account depicted certain characteristics resembling the woman spotted with Peso Pluma. These included long hair and a white Chanel handbag, similar to the one seen with Peso Pluma’s companion in Las Vegas. People started jumping to conclusions that she was the lady dating Peso Pluma when he was in a relationship with Nicki Nicole.

In mid-2023, dating speculations arose between Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma, but it wasn’t until September of that year that they publicly acknowledged their romance. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t seem to stand the test of time ending merely six months after becoming official.

Sahar Sonia’s Response to Online Abuse

A lot of people on social media got really worked up about rumors that the Mexican singer might have cheated, especially after seeing how Nicki Nicole reacted. They started blaming the influencer Sahar Sonia after seeing the pictures which resemble the woman spotted with Peso Pluma.

Sahar Sonia’s Response to Online Abuse

She started getting hateful messages and negative comments on her posts on Instagram due to which she deactivated the account for some time. Before deactivating, she shared a message in response to backlash stating “Don’t believe everything you hear in the media. There are always two sides to a story”.

She also shared a video explaining the situation where she admitted to knowing Peso Pluma but denies the rumors blaming her for damaging their relationship. She says that she doesn’t know anything about Peso Pluma’s personal life. Sonia said, “I want to make it clear that I didn’t intend to harm relationships or cause any trouble”.

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Surely, you will now know who is Sahar Sonia the woman allegedly behind the breakup of the popular artists Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole as we have presented the details here. Sonia has rejected the rumors circulating on social media that suggest she was the girl Peso Pluma cheated with while he was in a relationship with Nicki Nicole.

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