Who is Shoaib Jatt The Journalist Who Leaked Private Conversation of Babar Azam & PCB CEO Salman Naseer

Shoaib Jatt is under a lot of criticism after leaking Pakistani skipper Babar Azam’s chat on the live show. The fans are not happy at all as the private conversation was leaked during the show without the consent of the player. Learn who is Shoaib Jatt in detail and the full story behind the chat controversy.

The ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 hasn’t been good for Pakistan as they are struggling big time in the mega tournament. Not only that but the rift between the players and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has shocked everyone. The chairman Zaka Ashraf is also under fire after the new chat controversy.

It appears as if the PCB wants to bail out itself from the team after its poor performances in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023. The controversy reached a new level when ARY Sports journalist Shoaib Jatt shared a screenshot of Babar Azam’s WhatsApp chat in which he talking to a board official.   

Who is Shoaib Jatt

Shoaib Jatt is a Pakistani reporter on ARY News who covers cricket, especially the Pakistan cricket team. He is known for being too critical of Babar Azam and his captaincy. The sports journalist thinks that Babar Azam is a great player but not a great captain. He is currently part of the panel doing the World Cup 2023 show which includes Wasim Badami, Azhar Ali, Basit Ali, and Kamran Akmal.

A few days back during the live show, they put Babar Azam’s private messages from WhatsApp on TV. Shoaib Jatt took a picture of the messages and showed them on a TV show. This action faced a huge backlash online and even got negative responses from some of the experts on the panel.

The former Pakistan test captain Azhar Ali questioned the policy of showing a private chat on the live show. He asked Shoaib has he asked permission from Babar before showing the clip. Also, Basit Ali said, it’s wrong to show private conversation without the consent of the particular person.

In response, Shoaib argued that he didn’t have to ask Babar’s permission because journalists can reveal things they find, even without permission. But he hasn’t gotten a personal message. Pakistani cricket fans and former players have also criticized the journalist for doing such a thing.

Story Behind Shoaib Jatt’s Leaked Conversation of Babar Azam

Shoaib shared Babar Azam’s and PCB CEO Salman Naseer’s WhatsApp messages because some local sports channels were saying that Babar Azam tried to talk to PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf, but Zaka Ashraf didn’t answer his calls.

By showing this chat, he wanted to prove that Babar never contacted PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf. According to Wasim Badami who is hosting the show, the chairman himself told to show the chat on the show. Later, PCB denied it by releasing an official statement.

Shoaib Jatt Biography

Shoaib Jatt is a renowned sports journalist who is currently working with the ARY network. Jatt was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1980. He went to Government College University in Lahore and later got his master’s degree in journalism from the University of the Punjab.

Screenshot of Who is Shoaib Jatt

Jatt started working as a journalist in the early 2000s. He worked for different news channels like Geo News, Dawn News, and Samaa TV. In 2010, he began working at ARY News and is still part of the network now. The journalist is married and has two children.

Shoaib Jatt got some recognitions for his work like the Best Sports Journalist Award at the Hum Awards in 2015. He also got the Pride of Performance Award, which is one of the highest civilian awards in Pakistan. The anchor person is also famous for being too critical of things which caused some controversies throughout the years.

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You may have witnessed Shoaib Jatt Babar Azam arguing face to face many a time in press conferences but the anchor reached a new low by sharing private messages of Pakistan Captain. Now that you know who is Shoaib Jatt and the reasons behind the leaked chat, it is time to say goodbye.

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