Who is Willis Gibson AKA Blue Scuti The 13 Year Old Streamer with Unthinkable Tetris Record to His Name

Willis Gibson AKA Blue Scuti has done something special breaking the 34-year-old record. The teenager who is popular by his streamer name Blue Scuti has managed to beat the game NES Tetris in a single sitting. Gibson advanced in the game to a point where his skills surpassed the game’s ability to keep up. Get to know who is Willis Gibson in detail and all about his record-breaking game.

Tetris is a classic and widely enjoyed puzzle video game that challenges players to form complete horizontal lines by plotting distinctively shaped pieces called tetrominoes. As these tetrominoes descend onto the playing field successfully completed horizontal lines vanish.

Players have the option to fill the emptied spaces and the game concludes when uncleared lines reach the upper edge of the playing field. The longer a player can postpone this scenario, the greater their final score will be. Willis has done the unthinkable by reaching the point where the Tetris code glitches crashing the game. Since the release of the game in the 1980s, no one has reached this point.

Who is Willis Gibson The Record Making Tetris Players

Will Gibson just thirteen years old streamer from Oklahoma who goes by the name of Blue Scuti is in the headlines these days for breaking an unthinkable record. Exceeding level 157, he arrived at the notorious “kill screen,” the point at which the game becomes unplayable due to inherent limitations in its original programming. Remarkably, he achieved this milestone in under 39 minutes.

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The pivotal moment unfolded in a live stream on December 21, 2023, as Gibson encountered Tetris’s elusive “kill screen,” leading to the game’s crash at level 157 in the Nintendo Entertainment System version. He initiated the glitch by completing 1,511 lines while progressing through Level 157.

It’s a major accomplishment in the video game community where players aim to break records by pushing the game and the equipment to their maximum limits and even further. Prior, players thought Tetris could only reach Level 29 as its highest level.

At this point, the blocks in the game fall really fast making it hard for players to move them sideways. This causes the blocks to pile up quickly, resulting in a game-over. But, a “kill screen” occurs when a player goes too far in a game and it crashes because of a mistake in the game’s code. That is what was accomplished by the teenage sensation Willis Gibson AKA Blue Scuti.

Tetris Makes Congratulate Willis Gibson for Record-Breaking Achievement

Willis Gibson Tetris YouTube video attempting the challenge has racked up millions of views. The 13-year-old boy has come to the spotlight after breaking an unthinkable record. This accomplishment is very rare as only AI programs have been able to reach the Kill Screen point in this game.

The gaming world has recognized this accomplishment and is congratulating the teenage freak. The creator of the game also congratulated the streamer and said “Congratulations to ‘Blue Scuti’ for achieving this extraordinary accomplishment, a feat that defies all preconceived limits of this legendary game”.

President of the Classic Tetris World Championship, Vince Clemente also commented on the achievement saying “It’s never been done by a human before. It’s basically something that everyone thought was impossible until a couple of years ago”.

Willis Gibson is also over the moon after breaking the record. He said regarding amazing experience “What happens is you get so far that the programmers who made the game never expected you to make it that far. And so the game starts breaking down, and eventually, it just stops.”

In a video posted on his YouTube channel using the name “Blue Scuti,” Gibson can be heard saying, “Just crash, please,” as the Tetris blocks fall faster and faster. Shortly after, the screen stops and he falls in happy surprise.

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Who is Willis Gibson the 13-year-old streamer with a unique record to his name of reaching Kill Screen point in Tetris should not be a mystery anymore after reading this post. All the details related to this amazing achievement are available on this page.

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