Who was Debora Michels The Fitness Influencer Killed By Her Husband During a Heated Argument

Debora Michels the well-known fitness influencer was found dead on the pavement covered in a red cloth just yards from her mum and dad’s home. The Brazilian social media personality has been murdered by her husband Alexander Gunsch who has now confessed he has killed her. Learn who was Debora Michels in detail and know the full story behind her murder.

Debora Michel’s dead body was found yards away from her mom and dad’s house in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on (Friday) 26 January 2024.  The police say that her husband whom she was married to for 10 years killed her and left her body outside her parents’ house.

Alexander Gunsch the husband of the victim has already confessed to the killing and he is in the custody of police. Police have found CCTV footage in which Alexander placed his wife’s body outside her family’s home before fleeing in his car. The police are still investigating what happened to Débora Michels and the reasons behind her murder.

Who was Debora Michels, Age, Husband, Family, Death Reasons

Debora Michels nicknamed Deby was a popular social media influencer and a fitness freak. She had thousands of followers on numerous platforms where she used to share her daily life activities. Many people liked Débora Michels’ posts about staying healthy and fit. She had lots of followers who admired how much she cared about being physically well.

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Since 2011, she had been working as a personal trainer, and she used her social media to give out fitness advice and show gym exercises. Debora Michel’s age was just 30 when her husband Alexander brutally murdered her and threw her body. They have been married for more than 10 years and there are rumors Debora wanted a separation before this incident happened.

After Débora’s passing, those close to her shared their feelings of shock and sorrow. The family is in deep sadness and wants justice to be done by the authorities. As per Sun, Debora Michels’s family said “This situation is revolting. What our family wants is justice. You cannot leave anyone unpunished”.

Débora’s friends and family were very sad about her unexpected death. They held a funeral for her on Saturday morning and buried her at the Montenegro Municipal Cemetery around 11 am that same day. Her longtime friend Deise Chemelo called her a ‘magnetic person’. Talking about Debora she said “She lit up every place she went; she only had friends, and she only did good. A fighter, an entrepreneur, there is no explanation for what happened. She didn’t deserve it. We don’t understand.”

Debora Michels Death

According to the reports, Debora Michels was killed by her husband with whom she wanted to end her relationship. The husband of a well-known fitness influencer in Brazil killed her after a heated argument and then left her body outside her parents’ house.

Debora Michels Death

The 41-year-old Alexander Gunsch later confessed to the murder and revealed the details to the police. The police say he lifted Michels by the neck and threw her against a wardrobe during the argument. He also told the police, He thought she needed to go to the hospital but then he found out she was already dead. He got scared and left her body in her parents’ neighborhood.

The police said security cameras recorded Gunsch putting his wife’s body on the ground before driving away. Débora’s dead body was found covered with a blanket outside their house in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on Friday morning.

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Final Words

Who was Debora Michels the fitness trainer with a huge following murdered brutally by her husband should not be a mystery after reading this post! We have provided all the information related to the influencer and her demise due to her husband she wanted to leave.

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