Why is Kai Havertz Called 007, Meaning of the Name & Stats

Football fanbases cannot be beaten when it comes to trolling rival club’s players. Kai Havertz is one of the most expensive signings of the summer as Arsenal bought him for more than a $65 million transfer fee. But it has been a tough beginning for the player at his new club with zero goals and zero assists after the first few fixtures. Hence, the rival club fans have begun calling him Kai Havertz 007. Get why is Kai Havertz Called 007 and his stats for Arsenal until now.

Apart from Arsenal and German forward Havertz, Jordan Sancho and Mudyrk have also trolled with this name. The fanbases of football clubs are unforgiving if you are a big transfer signing. A player starts getting blamed and trolled on social media after a few bad games.  

As is the case for Arsenal’s Kai Havertz, after the Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur big clash in the Premier League on Sunday he was called 007 in a post-match show. They showed Kai’s Arsenal stats on screen and referred to him as 007.

Why is Kai Havertz Called 007

The Champions League winner with Chelsea moved to Arsenal this summer. He has played seven games now and contributed nothing in terms of goals and assists. Therefore, he is now referred to as 007 by fans on social media. One 0 stands for zero goals in seven games and the other 0 stands for zero assists in seven games. Interestingly, One Sports channel broadcaster humorously referred to Havertz by the nickname “007” on a post-match show.

This 007 name is made popular by James Bond and football fans are using this name to troll the players who contribute nothing in the first seven games. Especially, those players who are bought by clubs spending big transfers. In the past, Manchester United’s Jordan Sancho has been also trolled using this reference along with Chelsea’s big-money signing Mudryk.

Kai Havertz started on the bench for Arsenal in the big game against Tottenham. He came as a substitute at the start of the second for his seventh appearance for the club. The game ended 2-2 as Spurs came back from behind twice in the game. Havertz failed to impress again in front goal for the seventh straight game which made rival fans troll him.

Kai Havertz Arsenal Stats

Havertz has made 7 appearances for the club. In these seven games, he has 0 goals, 0 assists, and 2 yellow cards. Kai was below average in his last season for Chelsea so everyone was surprised when Arsenal signed him for huge money this season.

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Arsenal Coach Mikel Arteta wanted him in his team and is a great admirer of the player. But things haven’t going well for the player as he lacks confidence and has shown no productivity so far. Kai Havertz age only 24 and that’s the only plus for Arsenal as he is young and can improve.

Already there are pundits who think Arsenal boss Arteta made a mistake by signing him. Former Liverpool captain Graeme Souness thinks Arteta made a bad decision by signing him. He told Daily Mail “Not all of Arsenal’s spending makes sense to me. They’ve laid out £65million on Kai Havertz. Surely, you’re not spending that kind of money on what he’s shown at Chelsea in the past three seasons”.

Some Arsenal fans also think the club has made a mistake by spending that much money on him. They already don’t want to see him in big games after watching him in the first few games. Kai Havertz may turn his situation around the in coming games but at the moment he has failed expectations of the Arsenal fans.

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Surely, now you know why is Kai Havertz called 007. We have provided the background story behind his new name 007 and explained the meaning. That’s all we have for this one if you want to share your thoughts on it, use comments.

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