What is Daisy Messi Trophy Trend on TikTok Explained As Daisy Bloom Video Sparked a Huge Confusion

The latest Daisy Messi trend has left everyone baffled and searching for trophy pictures. A TikTok star Daisy Bloom with username @daisybloomss posted a video that has sparked confusion among viewers getting millions of views and likes along with thousands of comments. Here we will explain what is Daisy Messi Trophy Trend on TikTok and tell you why it has confused everyone.

The ever-changing TikTok trends always manage to capture the attention of social media users. Whether it is about attempting a challenge, using a filter, or doing bizarre things the users seem to get attracted to the video-sharing platform more and more.

The Daisy Messi video that went viral has racked up 8 million views in a few days with content creators having started making videos of their own. But a lot of people still don’t know what is the story behind the trend so let’s dive into the explanation.

What is Daisy Messi Trophy Trend

Messi winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 was the biggest moment of his legendary career and his pictures with the World Cup trophy are the most liked images on social platforms. The TikTok Daisy Messi Trend has something to do about the Leo Messi pictures with trophies.

Popular social media influencer known as Daisy Bloom shared a video in which she used a famous song by American rapper Gunna on TikTok was answering some questions about soccer. She normally answers the first two questions where she states “She plays soccer and enjoys watching the sport”.

Screenshot of What is Daisy Messi Trophy Trend

Then the text on the screen asks her “Did you see the pic of you on Messi’s trophy?” and her response is a confusing one as she shies away from the camera and acts awkwardly. This part of the video has made everybody wonder about what is in the Messi trophy picture.

The video soon went viral on the platform and the comments section is flooded with different theories. Seeing the massive number of likes and views, other content creators posted videos with their own reactions to the question as well.

Daisy Blooms talked about the pictures of Messi’s trophies in more TikTok videos. She even hinted that she made more versions of them for her followers. People think that these extra pictures might also be shown on her private OnlyFans page as Daisy has OF account where she posts exclusive content according to the demand of the subscribers.

Daisy Messi Trophy Trend Explanations & Reactions

As we mentioned earlier, many users are still baffled and don’t know what is in the Messi trophy image. In the comments of her TikTok videos, the viewers have shared different theories regarding what is all about. A person named @Joseph explained that some people are adding inappropriate pictures of themselves onto the trophies of Lionel Messi, who is one of the most followed soccer players in the world from Argentina.

The comment reads “People are putting n*des on Messi’s (football player) trophies.” Another user whose username is @Astro(Nomical) says the pictures put on the trophies “and picture frames in IRL stock bedroom PNGs”, suggesting that the images are edited online.

Someone named @broXdragon4311 wanted to know where the photos are. Then, another person named NJ_Sports replied saying that those pictures can be seen privately on OnlyFans. While these pictures are kept hidden from everyone, people are talking quietly about them having inappropriate content mixed with the football icon’s major accomplishments.

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Final Words

Surely, the post has given you idea about what is Daisy Messi trend on TikTok and removed the confusion you had regarding the Messi trophy pictures. The views suggest that the content creators have added explicit images to the Messi images with trophies.

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