Why Spotify Redeem Code Not Working, How to Fix Premium Code Not Working Issue

Are you encountering the Spotify redeem code not working issue? Then we got you covered! There are several reasons why a Spotify redeem code might not and here we will discuss them all along with the possible ways to fix the problem.

Spotify is one of the most used platforms for listening to music and podcasts which comes with some attractive features for the users. As of September 2023, this music streaming platform stands as one of the most prominent service providers boasting a user base of over 590 million active users each month, of which 226 million are paying subscribers.

Recently, users have encountered issues while redeeming the codes. The redeemable codes can be used to unlock specific features and there are various behind a code not functioning. Keep reading the post to learn everything about this specific problem faced by many users.

Why Spotify Redeem Code Not Working iOS, Android, & Website

A redeem code is given by the service provider to offer numerous rewards to the users. These codes are available for paid subscribers and come with gift cards. The Premium subscribers get a lot of amazing features based on their subscription plans. It includes the Spotify Premium redeem codes that are associated with the subscriber’s plan. Having a Premium subscription to Spotify grants you access to exclusive features that are not accessible in its free version.

Reasons Behind Spotify Redeem Code Not Working

If your Spotify redeem code doesn’t work, it means you can’t use it to get the things it’s supposed to give you, like a premium membership or credits. Here are some major reasons behind this issue!

  • The problem might happen because someone already used the code or it wasn’t typed incorrectly.
  • Sometimes, when you buy a Spotify gift card at a store, the cashier might forget to activate it. If it’s not activated, the code won’t work.
  • Some stuff or discounts on Spotify can’t be bought with gift card codes. If what you want to get is one of those things using the redeem code, the code won’t work.
  • If your account already has a premium subscription, you can’t use more than one code at the same time. Only one promo offer or gift card can be applied to your account at any given time.

How to Fix Spotify Redeem Code Not Working Problem

How to Fix Spotify Redeem Code Not Working Problem

Here are some fixes you can apply to get rid Spotify Premium code not working issue.

Double Check Code to Make Sure It Is Correct

The first step is to make sure you type in the code exactly as it appears on the card. The codes are sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters. Any mistake will make the code non-functional.

Make Sure Your Gift Card is Activated

If you got a Spotify card from a store, check if it’s activated. Sometimes, the person who sells it might forget to do that. Make sure it’s activated before using it. Just contact the service provider you have bought the gift card and tell him to cross-check it.

Restart the App or Reload the Website

A lot of the time this problem occurs when the app or website not properly working. If you are using the Spotify app close the app and reopen it to fix the issue. Similarly, if you are using a website, just reload it and try to redeem the code again.

Contact Spotify Support Service

If all the fixes do not work and the issue remains, you can contact the help desk of Spotify using the details available in the Support section of the app or website.

Well, these are things you can do to resolve the Spotify Redeem Code not working issue.

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Spotify Redeem Code Not Working can be frustrating for Premium Spotify users as it can restrict them from using the extra features they get with gift cards. We have provided all the possible solutions to resolve this issue along with reasons. That’s all for this guide so for now we say goodbye.

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