League Player Touching Grass Meaning, History & Top Memes

If you stay all day online playing games, using social media, and surfing the internet then maybe some of your friends or family members told you to touch the grass. It means that you should go outside the online world. League Player Touching Grass is also said in the same context to players who play the games all the time.

This is quite a famous way of slandering and insulting personnel who live their life using mobile phone or PC and doesn’t care about the outside life. This internet idiom got massive popularity in lockdown days when people use to spend the whole time using the world wide web.

Although it is used for insulting that kind of person but when you look at it deeply and think about it for while it holds a great message. Nowadays people give more time to the social media world than to the natural world. So, it can be used to remind people that there is another world called nature to enjoy.

League Player Touching Grass

Social media is a powerful tool and once a concept or phrase or meme catches the eye of the public then it goes viral all over the world. Likewise, League Player Touching Grass is a sledge for those who play league of legends all day long.

Screenshot of League Player Touching Grass

Most people think that the internet has disconnected humans from real life and it has become hard to avoid it for some humans. Especially the younger generation that seems to be busy playing video games the majority of the time.

This routine has disconnected them from the real world and nature. Once the younger generation wanted to go to parks and places where they can enjoy themselves. But now the priorities have changed and gaming has become the number 1 priority.

League Player Touching Grass Meme

Therefore, this internet idiom is used to troll and insult these people. A huge number of people on Twitter, FB, Insta, and Reddit have made jokes, parodies, and memes which became immensely popular all around the world.

What Does Touching Grass Means

Touching the grass means getting outside of the internet world and having some feel for nature. Recently it is gaining the spotlight again on several social networking sites after some memes on Twitter and YouTube got viral.

What Does Touching Grass Means

The Internet is a blessing if you utilize it properly but if you don’t then it becomes a headache you can’t stay away from and humans start to become obsessed with it. The online games fever is also like that and players forget there is a life as well.

You will witness many hilarious memes and jokes along with sarcastic captions on social media with this particular context. Many YouTubers posted videos on this theme that got millions of views and trended for multiple days.

The edits and clips of League Player Touching Grass are basically directed toward the League of Legends video game players. Many streamers who play this game also joined the fun to make their own videos of touching the grass.

The concept of this statement may be a negative one but it also illuminates the dark side of today’s world where people have more time for games and social media and very fewer time for friends, family, and the natural world.  

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Final Thoughts

Well, League Player Touching Grass is a way of trolling those people who have time just for League of Legends and other stuff that restricts them to give time to mobile devices and PCs. We hope you enjoy the read and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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