What Is The Bracelet Project TikTok? Colors Meaning Explained

You may come across many bizarre and logicless trends on the video-sharing platform TikTok but there are occasions when you have to appreciate the concept. The bracelet project is one of those trends you will admire so in this post, you will learn what is the bracelet project TikTok in detail.

TikTok is one of the most used platforms for sharing short videos and from time to time some of the videos keep the platform in the headlines on social media. Like this new trend is getting the appreciation of many users for various reasons.

One is the good cause behind it and the other is spreading a very significant message about a problem that is faced by a good number of people in recent times. Another good thing is that a big number of users are getting involved to spread it.

What Is The Bracelet Project TikTok

Many people are wondering about this project and want to know TikTok bracelet meaning. Basically, it is a concept in which content makers wear bracelets of different colors to show solidarity with people suffering from various mental disorders.

Screenshot of The Bracelet Project TikTok

The trend was created and socialized to support people struggling with certain disorders and make them feel they are not alone in their difficult times. It is a great initiative started by platforms like Wattpad and Tumblr a couple of years ago.

Now the video-sharing platform TikTok users are also participating in the cause and making videos to spread awareness regarding these issues. The World Health Organization (WHO) initiates various programs to create awareness regarding health issues similarly this trend aims to achieve likewise objectives.

In the videos, you will see the content creators wearing bracelets of many colors. Every single color represents different states of mental health. By wearing the colors, the users are trying to give a message to the people who are dealing with mental disorders they are with them.

The Bracelet Project TikTok is getting a positive response from the audience who are sharing the videos and messages on various social platforms like Twitter, Fb & others. One user responded to a video in the comments “I think the Bracelet Project is really cool.” Another user commented, “You are not alone if you are reading this.”

The Bracelet Project TikTok Colors Meaning

The Bracelet Project TikTok Colors Meaning

Each color of the bracelet represents a specific mental illness or disorder a person is facing. Here is the list of colors along with information regarding what they represent.

  • Pink denotes EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise defined)
  • Black or Orange denotes self-harm
  • Yellow denotes suicidal thoughts
  • Silver and Gold stand for schizophrenia, bipolar disease, and other mood disorders, respectively.
  • White beads are added to specific strands dedicated to those who have recovered or are in the process of recovering.
  • The purple string represents people suffering from Bulimia
  • Blue denotes depression
  • Green denotes fasting
  • Red denotes anorexia
  • Teal denotes anxiety or panic disorder

You could also be part of this awareness initiative by wearing bracelets of a variety of colors. Then make a video with a caption of your thoughts related to these health issues. October 10th is World Mental Health Day and you may have sparked interest in the topic of mental health treatment.

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Final Verdict

Surely what is the bracelet project TikTok is not a mystery for you anymore as we have provided all the details and insights related to the trend. That’s all for this post in case you have queries regarding it you can share them in the comment box.  

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