What Is Orbeez Challenge On TikTok? Why It Is In The Headlines?

After watching some of the news related to this TikTok’s Orbeez challenge you may be wondering What Is Orbeez Challenge On TikTok? Don’t worry then we are going to explain it as well as provide the latest information regarding some of the events that happened due to this viral TikTok task.

People have witnessed so many controversies on this popular video-sharing platform since it came into the existence. The platform has faced a lot of criticism and has been banned in various countries for such reasons but it still is one of the most used video-sharing platforms globally.

Content creators do some crazy and dangerous stuff to get fame as is the case for this one as it involves kids of young age shooting gel blasters or gel ball guns. It completely looks very normal task but some cases of it affecting humans have made it controversial.

What Is Orbeez Challenge On TikTok

The Orbeez challenge on TikTok is in the headlines after the authorities reported many injuries and causality Dion Middleton, 45, shot and killed 18-year-old Raymond Chaluisant after he reportedly fired an air gun at him from his car on Thursday, July 21.

The gun is considered to be an air weapon that uses Orbeez soft gel balls same material used by TikTok users to attempt the challenge. That’s why the issue has become a serious one and police have also been involved to investigate the case.

Screenshot of What Is Orbeez Challenge On TikTok

The police and media have urged the user to not use these weapons as they can be harmful. Ap per the New York Daily News sources, it is illegal to own an Orbeez gun, which looks like a pistol and fires gel water beads with the help of a spring-loaded air pump, in NYC.

It is a trend that accumulated millions of views on this platform and the related content is available under the hashtag #Orbeezchallenge. The content creators have made all kinds of videos attempting the challenge of adding their own flavors and creativity to it.

These products are sold by the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and other well-known companies. Orbeez sells a box of 2,000 water beads and six tools labeled “Orbeez Challenge” for $17.49. The manufacturer insisted in an interview insisted that it is committed to making Orbeez products marketed toward children, noting Orbeez have no affiliation with gel guns and are not intended to be used as projectiles.

What Controversial Events Take Place Recently?

Recently very concerning news was reported as a guy called Middleton is accused of killing the young teenager who fired an air gun at him from his car. The reports accused Middleton of manslaughtering someone and having a weapon in an unethical way.

The teenager Raymond died after the incident and the police are investigating the case. A lot of people took on Twitter to discuss the seriousness of the situation and started instructing TikTokers to not use these weapons as they can be dangerous to you.

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Final Words

Well, What Is Orbeez Challenge on TikTok is not a mystery anymore as we have provided all the details along with reasons behind it being in the spotlight in the recent days. We hope you enjoy the read and get the required information in this post with that not we sign off.  

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