AI Green Screen Trend TikTok Explained, How To Use It?

Another trend has caught the eye of many users and it seems everyone is buzzing about it. We are talking about the AI Green Screen Trend TikTok that is going viral on this video-sharing platform and it appears as if everyone is enjoying using this filter.

TikTok is a platform where a variety of trends go viral recently Zombies in China TikTok Trend made some people worried and frightened. Likewise, Hearing Age Test, Incantation Challenge, and multiple others have accumulated millions of views.  

This is one of those trends where people are using an image filter called “AI Green Screen” to create various types of clips. TikTok is an app that allows you to post short videos therefore the content creators are mainly posting their reactions regarding the filter.

What is AI Green Screen Trend TikTok

The AI Filter TikTok known as the Green Screen has made everybody fall in love with it and is one of the top trends on this globally used video sharing platform. Here you are going to learn all the details about the filter along with the procedure to use it on TikTok.

The use of Artificial intelligence is increasing day by day and people are enjoying the features it offers. This filter provides the feature of creating artwork from a text prompt and many users are getting obsessed with it.

The trend has already received more than 7 million views on this platform and is continuing its progress as more users are getting involved. Remember Dall-e-mini the AI tool that makes artwork from the user prompts this filter gives similar features.

Mainly the users are using the scramble to see what artwork a filter can create by using their names as a prompt and making videos recording their reactions to artwork. You will witness a good number of the clips under the hashtags #AIGreenScreen and #AIGreenScreenFilter on the platform.

How to Use AI Green Screen Filter

Screenshot of AI Green Screen Trend TikTok

If you be part of this AI Green Screen Trend TikTok and post videos of your own then here we will tell you how to use this particular filter. Just follow the instructions given below and execute them to create TikToks using this filter.

  1. Firstly, launch the TikTok app on your device
  2. Now go to the filter adding option and choose the filter
  3. After it launches type your name and the AI tech to create an original image using your name as a guideline.
  4. Record and post the clip to share with your friends

This is how you can use this filter to create artwork and hop on this trend with clips of your own. The result of the filter sometimes doesn’t match the expectations so if that situation occurs then recreate it. The majority of the people who use it have a positive response regarding the filter.

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Final Thoughts

As always TikTok trend is in the spotlight due to its uniqueness this time. The AI Green Screen Trend TikTok has diverted attention therefore we have presented all the fine points regarding the trend. That’s all for this post we hope you enjoy the read for now we sign off.

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