WhatsApp New Privacy Features: Usage, Advantages, Key Points

The CEO of Meta platforms has announced WhatsApp New Privacy Features focused on the privacy of users. What are these new features and how a user can implement them you will learn all about them so read this article carefully.

WhatsApp has introduced three new features related to the privacy of a user. After the scandal data privacy breach last year, the platform is focused on the security of data and the addition of new features that benefit the users on the privacy front.

It is one of the most used apps for communication in the whole world that offers cross-platform centralized instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. The platform is used by billions of people daily who would appreciate these features for sure.  

WhatsApp New Privacy Features

The WhatsApp new features 2022 has improved the experience of users immensely and now the three privacy-focused additions are liked by many users. It will provide interlocking layers of security and better control over your information/messages on WhatsApp.

The additions like disappearing messages, end-to-end encrypted backups, leaving the groups without letting anyone know, and reporting unwanted contacts have certainly increased the privacy of the users. Some other features are also added as you can block taking screenshots with the view once messages.

So, you may be wondering how to use WhatsApp New Features therefore here we will discuss them in detail and will explain how you can enjoy these additions.

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking Feature

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking Feature

This is one of the new additions to the WhatsApp privacy setting that can be used to block the receiver from taking screenshots of your view once message. Great addition as you can now send pictures, videos, and documents through View Once and block the receiver from recording the data by taking the screenshot.

This feature is in the testing phase at the moment and it will be available very soon for the users. Once it is added you can enable it from the privacy setting option in-app. It is expected to be rolled out by the end of August 2022.

Leaving WhatsApp Groups Without Notifying Feature

This is another useful addition to the platform and it will allow the users to exit group chats discreetly. The group chats sometimes are very hectic and boring you will receive message after message of people chatting with each other.

Leaving WhatsApp Groups Without Notifying Feature

You can mute the group chat but you will still receive all the messages. You want to leave the group but can’t due to the reason your friend will get notified but now the new addition will allow you to leave the group without notifying anyone.

Control Your Visibility

Control your visibility

Now the new addition will allow you to control your visibility online and also gives you the limit to the audience who can see if you are available or not. The users can also hide ‘online’ indicator or choose whom they want to share the status with.

Previously, you had only three options to hide your Online availability status as you could completely hide the last seen online status from everyone, only unknown numbers, specific contacts, or from nobody. The new option will add is called ‘who can see when I’m online’.

Some Other WhatsApp New Features

  • The voice recording feature has been updated by tweaking some changes from now on you can record the voice and take a break by pausing the recording and then restart when you are ready.
  • The users can also set a time limit for messages after the time limit is over the message will disappear
  • With new WhatsApp New Privacy Features the security level is enhanced and improved

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Final Thoughts

Well, with the addition of WhatsApp New Privacy Features the developers somehow provided the missing pieces in the app. It will make the platform a more secure place and give a user a better experience. That’s all for this one as we say goodbye for now.

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