Krissed Meaning TikTok Inside Story & Important Details

Getting Krissed is the latest TikTok Trend that has caught the eye of many users and those who don’t know the background of the viral trend are curious to find out Krissed Meaning TikTok. TikTok is one of the most popular socializing networks in the world with billions of users.

The platform become has become popular across the globe with all the users wanting to be stars of their own. If any concept or challenge starts trending like Pocky Love, Bloomse, Boiler Summer Cup, and various others the worldwide users try to attempt it adding their own creativity.

Krissed is another one of those viral trends that gained a lot of attention recently. The videos based on this concept are getting a great number of views on this platform therefore many popular personalities have also participated in this trend.

Krissed Meaning TikTok

Since the day this trend went viral many people are asking about Krissed meaning and want to understand what the trend is all about. If you are one of those then don’t worry as here you will be getting krissed meaning and explanation.

If you regularly use TikTok for watching videos then you may have come across people who got krissed on this platform. After watching the stuff, you may wonder what is Krissed and what is all this fuss related to this word.

Screenshot of Krissed

In every video, you must have noticed one specific video of Kris Jenner dancing to Lady Marmalade. Using this clip of her dancing creators on this platform are making all types of content adding unique concepts of their own.

In case you haven’t watched a video related to this sensation then open TikTok and in the search bar type #krissed and hundreds of videos will appear on the screen with different concepts along with specific captions.

What Does Krissed Mean on TikTok

Basically, when you are krissed it means that a video they were watching unexpectedly ended with a clip of Kris Jenner dancing to the iconic song ‘Lady Marmalade’. In the clip, Kris is dancing solo in a glittery green outfit has been the main focus of this particular TikTok trend.

The edit is also used as a Meme in various contexts and the memes are very popular and have racked up millions of views on several platforms. The Lady Marmalade is a famous beat that is used in this particular dancing video.

The original video is from 10 years ago and it was posted on the YouTube channel in which the Jenner family danced to the iconic song. The glittery outfit of Kris Jenner makes the video more interesting as people used it in a sarcastic sense.

The first clip used originated from the TikTok as a made a video adding this clip at end of it. It got a huge number of likes and the concept of getting krissed was also liked by many users. That’s why it became a sensation recently with a good number of TikTokers following the trend.

The Jenner family itself consist of several popular personalities such as the Kendall, Kylie Jenner, and also Kris Jenner.

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Final Verdict

TikTok is becoming the most used social media network by people all over the world and every day it seems like there is a new trend to follow. Krissed Meaning TikTok should not be a mystery to you as we have provided all the insights and background stories. That’s it for this post for now we sign off.

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